Why Does My Laptop Get So Hot? Best Fixed It Fast! In 2023

Why Does My Laptop Get So Hot

Is the best gift for your future family member, or even yourself, you should be able to tell that he/she wants only laptops, and not desktops or any other device, and you can provide some cool models that are really nice as a gift, so it doesn’t matter if the recipient is young or old.

I am sharing battery heating topic because we all know that our body temperature when we have been in bed all day is much higher than normal. That’s why you can feel tired for an hour or two, without feeling very sick. But when it comes to laptops, our bodies are unable to cope with them; so they just start to heat up. If you want to use a computer to learn something new, you need to make sure that it has enough power.

As long as you want to learn about chemistry, physics, etc., you will be happy that you have a great machine to work on all these things. You just need to put it into sleep mode, but it’s impossible to do that; otherwise it’ll explode. I like being awake, but of course you need to know how to wake it up again, and the point is that sometimes it gets slow hot computer to operate, and then it crashes due to its memory capacity, and you are left without any information to do anything. In addition, even in case there are no memory capacity issues, you need to check and see if there are any errors, which are annoying.

We do everything very easy and we just need to install one program on our motherboard (either by ourselves or someone else), and we are done, right? No, but let me tell you that we can do many more things without doing so much, such as changing the screen resolution and installing different programs. All you need to do is install some software that you may not even have installed.

For example, if you want to change your screen, you have to find out what software you need to download and install as well. It usually takes around half an hour, so it doesn’t take too long, so you can choose any kind of software that you like.

Install software

If you really do not know where to install software, you can buy it, and download from Amazon. Of course, you can also download the software directly from their website. If you’re having trouble you need to contact their support. We can have a lot of problems, but there are also solutions, so be cautious.

Nowadays we don’t just need to install software once and forget about it, but we can work on it until the last minute of installation, and make up for lost time and we can finish the job faster than expected. When you have finished downloading, open it, go to it, and start working on it on your own. When you see the results, you will be satisfied with it. There are a lot of good sites on the internet that will help you find good software, and it’s convenient to see the results.

You can also find software at every store. For example, when I’m buying the Microsoft Office 2016 from a site called I see that I need 3 computers, so I choose one of those three different brands, so my home has to host one Microsoft office 2016, so as to do a backup before installing it.

So what can you think about this process? can it change your life?

Yes, indeed it can, but it’s not very easy, and you need to work a little longer while doing it. Also the cost is quite high. How much does it cost? $500/$999 There are always a number of ways to make your computer run better. And you can also play online games or watch movies. Thanks for reading! I’d like to share here the way that makes my laptop run cooler and more smoothly.

First, check whether your CPU has a fan. Some people have used to use fans in their PC, as a cheap and dangerous solution, but it’s actually more of a big mistake to do so, and you can easily ruin it. Therefore, try to avoid using one unless you have strong reasons.

Next, check whether your motherboard can handle it. Most people buy inexpensive ones, in this case, don’t care about the size, as long as the motherboard’s capacities fit to your needs. Because your system is a laptop, and you will often need extra storage, so keep in mind that its motherboard will provide lots of space for that.

Do not let the size of the motherboard affect your performance, it’s just a thing that makes it easier to upgrade. The first step to improve your system is checking whether you have enough RAM.

The recommended amount for modern systems is 4 GB. Try to get 8 GB at minimum. Remember, your system is made for storing data, and you need to keep your files intact in the cloud. Don’t delete your files; else you will face problems. You can always use disk partitions to optimize your hard drive without losing some of your essential files so let’s learn how to use one of them.

Here you can have several partitions on your SSD. The data can be divided on multiple disks, so it is easy to reach the highest amount for the speed and ease. At least, you can manage the partitioning. If you have a secondary HDD, you can increase the efficiency of your system by turning off your USB. This will turn your main console off and all other connections will be disconnected. To do this, you just need to press ‘F2‘ key.

It looks a bit complicated, but you can do it once you realize it’s pretty simple. Your OS will boot, and after a few seconds, it will show you in your terminal of both machines connected to your network and the Internet. A quick restart will immediately reboot your computer. Remember to save your important documents and folders, it will be an error if you delete the folders and not back up the files.

Check and clean the fans

Check and clean the fans

Whenever you feel your laptop getting hot, place your hand just next to the fan vents. You will know whether the laptop’s fan is working properly if you feel slow hot computer and air blowing out of the vents.

If you feel very little or no air, then dust might have accumulated on the fan or it has broken down. You can open up the machine and blow out the dust with some relatively compressed air. If the fan has broken down, look for a new replacement. Note that if you are not comfortable opening up the laptop, get a professional to do it

Elevate your laptop

Battery heating can be caused by a lack of inadequate ventilation under the laptop. This can be solved by elevating your computer and putting a small book under the machine. Apart from using a book, it’s even better to purchase a cool battery laptop pad to provide enough standard ventilation under your machine. There are varieties of laptop cooling fans available here, you can purchase one.

Use a lap desk

Another method to provide enough ventilation is the use of a lap desk. The small rubber feet on the bottom provide standard elevation to enhance airflow underneath your laptop. However, some people place laptops on their laps when using them. This restricts airflow under the laptop and leads to battery heating. A lap desk helps in maintaining constant airflow, and keeping your laptop cool.

Controlling fan speed

Constant airflow within your laptop prevents your fans from running at full speeds. When your fan is running at high speeds, it implies that the CPU is working hard and it may get hotter. Slow hot computer is bad You can control fan speeds by installing programs such as SpeedFan for Windows.

Battery heating in your laptop may be as a result of intense processes. You can keep your cool battery by avoiding such processes on your machine. For instance, browsers with video Flash will subject the CPU to hard work. The CPU will start getting hotter and increase fan speeds. Therefore, it’s advisable to use a Flash Block in your browser so that flash videos are only turned on whenever needed.

Keep your laptop out of the heat

Lastly, battery heating of your laptop may occur due to extreme exposure to direct hot sunlight, especially during summer. High temperatures may cause a computer to overheat due to an expansion of hard drive and battery damage.

Therefore, you should keep your laptop in the shade whenever temperatures are high. When your laptop is shutting down and experiencing serious slowdowns as a result of battery heating, it’s advisable to get it repaired as soon as possible.


Is it normal for a laptop to get hot?

There is nothing to be concerned about. Laptops produce a lot heat and are small, so they must quickly remove heat from their outside casings. However, some laptops can get too hot and might be uncomfortable to use.

How can I cool down my laptop?

It is a good idea to keep your laptop in an air-conditioned area. You can also use a table fan or ceiling fan to cool your laptop in an un-air-conditioned room. The fans inside laptop cooling pads circulate cool air and keep your laptop cool.

Do laptop cooling pads work?

Cooling pads actually work. Yes, cooling pads do work. Although results will vary depending on the fan speed of your cooling pad, you can keep your computer running longer at lower temperatures.

How long do laptop fans last?

Fans are intended to last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. This does not necessarily mean that every fan will last the same length of time. For example, a case fan will last 5-6 years, while a laptop fan might last up to 10 years.

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