What Is The Most Expensive PC In The World? 7 Top PCs

What Is The Most Expensive PC In The World

The world of technology and computer design can be fascinating and amazing. The quantity of time, energy, and money that goes into designing the most advanced computers in the world could boggle your mind or blow it up altogether. This article will carry you on the most expensive PC in the world and tell you about their specs, power, and cost. The new computers will keep you astounded if you’re not familiar with them and how big your wallet is to get one.

[Voodoo envy 171] is expensive PC in world

In 2004, it cost $30,000 and was the most powerful pc on Earth. It could handle 3D graphics for gaming at twice the speed of other systems on sale at that time. However, if you’re willing to spend more than ten times that amount, you can have IBM’s Watson beat it in processing power by getting yourself an Intel Sandy Bridge-E server with 128GB of RAM.

[Apple lisa] most expensive PC in the world

Apple lisa

Apple’s Lisa is a personal computer developed by Steve Jobs in 1983. It is largely considered a commercial failure, since it has high prices, a poor performance, and weak software titles. Today an original Apple Lisa system sells for $10,000 to $20,000 on eBay. At auction in 2012, Apple Lisas were for only three hours and that value was far from what one of these machines will cost.

[Yoyotech XDNA aurum] most expensive PC in world

XDNA Aurum is a super high-end gaming rig made by Yoyotech, an online computer retailer based in Germany. At an eye-watering €100,000 (about $132,000), it’s like a luxury car for your desktop.

The ASUS GeForce GTX 980 matrix Platinum GPUs and Intel Core i7 5960X Haswell-E CPUs each carry 5K resolutions. It also comes with 64GB DDR4 RAM and 2TB hard drives for storage.

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[Ego for Bentley notebook] expensive PC in world

If you spend $30,000 on a computer, you can get more done than cheaper ones. It might be hard to justify spending that much money for something that only serves one purpose: creating graphics.

Ego for Bentley will cost you about as much as an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and both of those together don’t weigh anywhere near 26 pounds. While there is some utility to its mammoth size, most people will want to opt for something more portable if they bought a PC in 2018.

So what can we expect from Ego for Bentley next year? Maybe an updated version with an adjustable stand or maybe even touch support.

24k gold Macbook pro

24k gold Macbook pro

Undoubtedly, Apple computers are some of the most expensive gaming setup today. From laptops to desktops to tablets, Apple continues to think outside of tradition to provide some users with what they want.

And even if you aren’t an Apple user, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one of their stunning and technologically advanced products. And if you have $17 million sitting around, you can put it toward your own 24k gold MacBook Pro! If anyone knows how to make a gold laptop look classy and sleek, it is surely Apple.

The Luvaglio one million dollar laptop

This computer isn’t in production, and it doesn’t run Windows, Mac OS X, or even Linux. But that hasn’t stopped Italian designer Luca Lagiovino from producing a laptop that he says is worth one million dollars. Only three were made: two were for Prince Albert of Monaco as a wedding gift, and Lagiovino kept one.

It has a platinum case and an 18-carat gold keyboard, while its screen is covered with 585 diamonds. It also comes with a solid gold pen for signing documents. It’s hard to believe that anyone would spend $1 million on a laptop, but you can’t deny its beauty!

Macintosh portable

IBMs original ThinkPad, which didn’t launch until 1992, was the most expensive gaming setup launching in 1986 at $7,495. Even though today you can easily score a Mac for less than $1,000, several Macintosh Portable models sell for well over $5,000 on eBay because of their relative rarity. A few earlier units sold for less than $1,200 as recently as 2015. However, a working model that includes accessories sells for around $6K.

Bottom line

This is a question of interest for most of us. We want to know what’s best if we need a new computer. You were able to find cheap computer old days. Nowadays, affordable PCs with lots of hardware and software features enable you to do your job comfortably or even play high-end games.

Let’s see what kind of computer is most expensive. It is hard to say what right makes a computer expensive. Some people think about gaming setup and its price, some think about its performance, and others consider all those additional devices that make it easier to use.

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