Samsung QVO Vs EVO – Which One Is Best In 2022

Samsung QVO Vs EVO

Since the advent of computers, HDD has been an integral component of computers. As time passes by the advancement of technology becomes more common, making the old and slower devices less effective. SSD is an excellent illustration of this. We all know that HDD is a common data storage device that makes use of magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital data by using some or all hard fast moving disks or platters that are covered by a magnetic substance.

Today, SSD does the same job quickly and requires less energy. If we are to describe SSD in a simple way, we could describe it as an internal storage device for computers or laptops and is a non-volatile flash-based memory that operates faster than traditional hard disks.

Computers or Laptop users are now planning to make use of an SSD instead of an HDD due to their advantages. QVO vs EVO SSD, There are numerous well-known SSD companies such as Samsung, Corsair, Adata and many others on the market. Samsung offers a range of options for their SSD device and gives the highest performance. It’s the reason why many choose them in place of other manufacturers.

However, they have a difficult time picking the most suitable one of the various variants of Samsung’s SSD. Samsung provides three different types of SSD that are QVO, EVO and PRO. The PRO version is considered to be the most superior of them all and is highly rating. The majority of people opt for the mid-range model, and they are lost about QVO vs EVO.

The major distinction that QVO SSD has from EVO can be seen in the capacities of the NAND flash chips that determine the capacity to store data within the SSD. There are four types of cells within an SSD, which are SLC(Single-level), MLC(Multi-level), TLC(Triple-level), and QLC(Quad-level). EVO is regarded to be superior to QVO due to the four bit QLC technology, whereas EVO employs three-bit technology for TLC. This helps make EVO more durable and faster than QVO SSD’s.

Through this post, we’ll be able to learn what we know about the Samsung SSD variants and find the differences between them. After having read this article, it will become simpler for you to pick which one is the most suitable.

What is Samsung QVO?

What is Samsung QVO
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Samsung QVO a brand new series of SSDs by Samsung that provides users with the capacity of a large storage unit at a low cost. The drives come in sizes that range from 128GB up to 4TB, which makes them perfect for those who require lots of storage but do not want to invest a lot of in terms of money.

Samsung QVO SSDs utilize Samsung’s brand new 4 bit MLC NAND flash memory. It is which is similar to the 3 bit MLC NAND found in many consumer SSDs. This lets Samsung to provide higher capacities for a lesser price than other SSDs that are available.

Samsung QVO SSD is available in four capacities including 128GB, 256GB 1,TB, and 512GB. It is powered by an SATA III 6Gbps interface and 5 years of limited warranty. Samsung QVO SSDs are sold for purchase on Amazon as well as other retailers on the internet.

What is Samsung EVO?

The Samsung EVO is an extremely high-performance solid-state drive created to be used in professional and consumer application of computing. The drive is able to provide speedy data write and read speeds, which makes it the ideal storage device for demanding programs such as gaming, video editing and other data-intensive applications. Samsung EVO is available in capacities up to 1TB. Samsung EVO comes in capacities that go up to 1TB.

Samsung EVO Samsung EVO utilizes the latest 3D V-NAND technology for the highest performance and reliability. It has an elegant metal housing that is sturdy and fashionable. The Samsung EVO is covered by a three-year warranty.

What is the difference between Samsung QVO vs EVO?

The decision between the Samsung QVO vs EVO SSD isn’t an easy task. Both are excellent drives with distinct advantages. This is a brief overview of the main distinctions to aid you in making a decision:


The lifespan of SSDs is determined by the number of writes it can handle before it fails. The Samsung QVO SSD is rated for a life span as high as 360TBW (terabytes written) and it’s Samsung EVO has been rated to last at least 600TBW. This means, on average that the EVO can last for longer. The more write-intensive writes the SSD can handle the longer it’ll last. The EVO is the best option for those looking for an SSD that will last for a long period of duration.


Both drives provide excellent performance, however the EVO is slightly more efficient. It has a more sequential read/write speeds of 550MB/s as opposed to. 500MB/s on the QVO. The EVO is also faster in reading and writing speed at 97k IOPS as opposed to. 90K IOPS for the QVO.

The difference in speed is due to the use of MLC flash while the QVO makes use of TLC flash. MLC flash is quicker and more durable than TLC flash, however it is more expensive. Although the EVO is quicker but the QVO’s performance is nonetheless very good.


The Samsung QVO is available with sizes of 2TB, 1TB as well as 4TB. It is also available in capacities of 2TB and 4TB. Samsung EVO is available with sizes of 500GB, 250GB 1TB and 2TB. This makes the QVO an advantage in terms of capacity as it provides greater options for those who require a large amount in storage. The capacity of the drive is vital however, that’s just one thing to think about. Cost and performance are also significant elements.


The Samsung QVO is cheaper in comparison to the Samsung EVO. The 1TB QVO sells for about $130, whereas the 1TB EVO is priced at around $200. The 2TB QVO retails for about $260, whereas the 2TB EVO is priced at around $400. Its 4TB QVO SSD retails for about $530, whereas the 4TB EVO is priced at approximately $800.

Samsung QVO is a fantastic value for money with excellent performance and high capacity at a less expensive price. Samsung EVO is more expensive. Samsung EVO is higher priced, but it offers better performance and has a longer runtime.


The Samsung QVO is the best choice for use in general, whereas Samsung EVO is better suited for intensive use. Samsung EVO is more suitable to work in a more intense manner. The Samsung QVO has less capability than Samsung EVO but it’s more affordable.

The primary difference between these two models QVO vs EVO. There is a difference in their usage. Samsung QVO is the best choice for use in general, whereas Samsung EVO is better suited for intensive use. Samsung EVO is more suitable to work in a more intensive manner. The Samsung QVO is smaller in capability than Samsung EVO but it’s cheaper. Its Samsung QVO will be a suitable option for the majority of users however, it’s Samsung EVO is the better choice for users who need to be more powerful.

Samsung QVO vs EVO, which is better?

There are some points to take into consideration when making a decision between Samsung QVO vs EVO. Both are excellent options for solid-state drives however, there are some significant differences.

The first factor to take into consideration is the price. It is important to consider the price. Samsung QVO SSD is usually cheaper over the EVO. If cost is a significant aspect in your decision then the QVO could be the best choice.

The second thing to think about is the capacity. It is important to consider the capacity of your storage. Samsung QVO SSD is available in sizes that go up to 4TB and the EVO is available only with 2TB or less. If you require a large amount of storage The QVO is the best choice.

Also, think about the performance. It is true that the Samsung EVO is faster than the QVO however both are equally quick. The EVO could be the best option for speed-related issues you. It is all about your budget and requirements. If you need lots of storage space, and speed isn’t an issue, the Samsung QVO might be the best option. It’s the Samsung EVO can be the ideal option if you want the most speed you can get and are willing to pay for a little more.


When we compare all aspects of an SSD it is clear that the QVO vs EVO series from the same manufacturer. The EVO series offers better performance as well as endurance and warranties, and last longer than the QVO series.

Although there is no doubt that the EVO series SSDs cost is higher than that of the QVO SSD series. There are plenty of good reasons to this. If you’re looking for greater performance and a higher quality device, you will need to pay a bit more. The EVO is more expensive due to its superior quality of the equipment and superior performance.

If we take a look at the QVO SSDs They are far behind that of EVO series, however they’re also an excellent an entry-level SSD. They are fast enough to be able to function in an ordinary laptop or PC and is ideal for use by the general public and space applications in particular. You will not notice any differences between other less popular SATA SSD when using QVO SSD. If you’re a performance fan If you’re a performance-oriented enthusiast, the QVO series is not the right one for you. The EVO series is the best choice against QVO.


Is QVO better than EVO?

Based on performance alone and endurance, the Samsung 870 EVO SSD will perform better than the QVO 870. It’s usually faster and won’t slow down following a specific storage limit in the same way as QVO does. It should have a longer duration as well as coming with ample storage capacity for those who require a bigger drive.

How long will a QVO last?

The 860 QVO can be a secure alternative to traditional storage. It’s built with Samsung V-NAND technology. It is protected by a limited guarantee of 3 years or 1440TBW. * * TBW: Terabytes Written. Warranty TBW: 360 TBW for 1TB model 2, 720 TBW with 2TB model and 1,440 TBW when it comes to 4TB models. 3 years or TBW, whichever occurs first.

What is the fastest SSD?

If you are able to spend the least amount of money buying a storage device that is fast, it’s possible that it’s possible that the Samsung 980 Pro could be the perfect SSD you can get. It’s the most powerful SSD we’ve tested to date, which makes it perfect to ensure your system is future-proofed particularly when you purchase the capacity of 1TB.

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