PS5 Controller Flashing Blue – Best Solution Here In 2023

PS5 Controller Flashing Blue

It’s true that the PS5 Controller Flashing Blue, which may be alarming when you aren’t certain the reason behind it. However, if you notice this happening on your device, do not be concerned right now.

It’s the case that the PS5 Dual Sense controller will ps5 blue light for a short time while it is off and connecting with the console. If the light doesn’t disappear it could be due to issues with your connection. Try restarting the controller, reset it, and then updating the controller and console software to fix the issue quickly.

The first step in fixing an issue with the controller is to figure out the root of the issue. This is the only way to determine whether the controller actually requires an update or if another issue is the cause. So, let’s start and discover everything there is to know concerning flashing LEDs on your PS5 DualSense controller!

What does PS5 controller flashing blue means?

The most recent PS5 Dual Sense controller has added some brand new and exciting technology. It comes with a variety of features that were not offered by the original PS4 controller. This is a positive development however, some users are somewhat confused when using the controller because of the different flashes and lights that may be seen.

The flashes and lights displayed on the PS5 controller show different actions that are taking place. Usually the PS5 controller will flash in two colors: ps5 blue light and amber/orange. They aren’t usually associated with any issues with the controller or the PS5. The issue is when the controller continues to flash and doesn’t stop. Or when you notice that the colour of your flash doesn’t match either orange or blue.

Before learning how to repair the ps5 flashing blue controller, you need to understand the reason why flashes of different colors pop onto the controller. In most cases flashes are a sign of the operation. The cause could range from connecting to charging. When you’ve identified the reason an a particular color flash appears in your device, you’ll be more at ease about the issue. Let’s look at what the meaning of the colors is.

Blue flashing

If you power off your PS5 controller, the device attempts to connect to the console. When it does, the controller’s light will ps5 blue light. The ps5 flashing blue signals a connection with the console and a power switch being turned on.

If you connect the console to your controller it should be able to blink blue and cease. It will last for some seconds in typical cases. If the controller cannot connect to the console it will continue to ps5 blue light. That’s the time to troubleshooting. There are a variety of reasons behind the inability to connect between consoles and PS5 controller, for example, the following:

  • The controller’s software is out of date.
  • The controller is not compatible with console
  • Damaged USB cables
  • Instabilities within the Bluetooth connection caused by interferences
  • The console’s software is out of date.

Orange flashes

A flash of orange is a sign of charging. When you connect the controller and charge it, it flashes an in a bright orange light until it stops charging. The issue arises when the light turns orange for a short time before it disappears, or if the controller isn’t charged but the light in orange is still on.

A flash of orange that is unusual could indicate an issue with charging. It could be because of an unrepaired USB connector, cable or even a battery. If your controller’s battery is damaged, it will not charge correctly. It’s the PS5 controller will display this problem by flashing with an orange flash for several minutes.

Red and white flash

Any color that isn’t blue or orange for the PS5 controller could indicate an issue with the software or hardware problem, like corrupted software or data defective wiring within the controller or a damaged or damaged controller. In this instance it is your responsibility to investigate the issue and come up with a solution. In certain situations it is necessary you to ship your device to a repair shop for repairs or replacement.

How do you fix a blinking PS5 controller?

How do you fix a blinking PS5 controller

In the event that the PS5 controller is blinking with a ps5 blue light, but isn’t connected to your console, these are a few options to consider:

Try resetting the connection

Switch off both your controller and console for a minute. Hit the PS button on your controller for 10 seconds to turn it off. You should wait for about a minute before switching the controller back on. Then, switch off your PS5 and attempt to connect the console to the controller. Examine if the issue been resolved; if it is not, then move to the next option.

Update the console

The console should be current in order to establish a reliable connection to the Dual Sense controller. If you’ve enabled auto-updates your console will update automatically whenever it is connected to the Internet. But, you’ll need to verify if your console is up-to-date.

Follow the steps listed below to check for updates on your console:

  • Join the PS5 with the Internet.
  • Find the settings menu and then ‘ System.’
  • Select ‘ System Software Choose ‘System Software Update’. Systems Software Update and Setting.
  • If you are able to download an update then click on the ‘ Upgrade the System Software.’
  • The update should complete and then check to see whether the issue is fixed or not.

Check for console issues

It is essential to verify you know that this ps5 blue light is signaling an issue with your controller, not the console. To accomplish this, you could attempt to connect the controller to a different device. If the blue light continues to appear, the issue could be due to the controller. If not, the problem is with the console.

Make sure you have the USB cable as well as the USB port

Damaged USB cable, or USB port could result in an unreliable connectivity between the console and console. Try connecting the controller’s cable with a different device to determine whether the cable itself is damaged. Also, connect a different game controller with the USB port on your PS5. After these steps, you’ll be able to pinpoint where the root of the issue is.

If the cable has been damaged, there’s a simple fix: Get an entirely new cable. An excellent choice can be found in Surge PS5 Dual Charge and Play Cable. In the event of an issue with your USB port that is damaged, you’ll have to fix it.

Reset the controller

Resetting the controller will erase any data that is corrupted and give it a new, smooth start. For a reset, you must follow these steps below:

  • Connect the controller to the PS5.
  • Switch off the control by pressing the PS button for a couple of minutes.
  • Use a safety pin or needle and locate the reset button on the rear of your controller.
  • Use the reset button to reset the tool you have selected for 5 minutes.
  • Switch on the controller and check whether the issue remains there.

Check the bluetooth connection

A broken Bluetooth connection can result in an insecure connection between the console and the controller which can cause the console to flash a ps5 blue light. To determine if your Bluetooth connection is faulty connect the controller to the PS5 by using the USB cable. If the ps5 flashing blue disappears when using the USB cable, then the Bluetooth circuit is not working properly.

Hardware issue with the dual sense controller

If nothing works or the controller continues to ps5 blue light It’s likely that it is because a significant issue is the reason. The most frequent hardware issues result from a problem with the Bluetooth circuit, a defective USB cable or a malfunctioning USB port. If one of these components is not working, it will cause issues with connection which is evident with the blinking of blue.

  • To determine whether the Bluetooth circuit is the cause of the issue Connect the console to the controller through the USB cable. If it ceases to ps5 blue light it means that you can conclude that the Bluetooth circuit is likely to be damaged. The circuit must therefore be repaired.
  • To determine if the USB cable is damaged Make sure you connect the controller with an alternative appropriate USB cable and connect it to your console. If the controller ceases to blink the controller, the original USB cable is likely to be damaged. Replace it.
  • To determine what is happening with your USB port First, check if the controller is charged. If it does not charge, plug the controller into a compatible device (computer or another console). If the controller does not stop flashing and isn’t charging it is likely that the issue lies related to the USB port, or an internal part or food item defective. In this instance it is recommended to conduct a thorough analysis performed by a specialist is required.

Final thoughts

Once you understand the reason your PS5 Controller Flashing Blue, red, orange, or white, you’ll possibly determine the root reason and fix it whenever you can. If you find that no of the solutions work, call customer support for more assistance. Sooner or later you’ll be back playing!

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