Penn State Online MBA Program – Best Guide In 2023

Penn State Online MBA Program

It is the Penn State Online MBA Program run by the highly regarded Smeal College of Business and offered through the Penn State World Campus, will give you an in-depth knowledge of every aspect that are associated with business administration theory as well as practice, while applying the key concepts of business utilized by top-performing businesses. 

The online MBA training covers a broad spectrum of subjects, such as strategic planning, customer and market processes management, human resource leadership, information analysis and many more. The Smeal-led MBA is AACSB accredited, a distinction only available to the highest 5percent of business schools in the world. 

Additionally, Penn State World Campus has been consistently ranked as the top-ranked provider of graduate business degrees online in the U.S. News and World Report. U.S. News and World Report.

The Penn State was recently redesigned to offer more flexibility and personalization for students just like you. We’ve expanded the number of courses offered online: accounting advanced accounting business analytics Finance, general management and human resource management and project management, as well as Supply Chain Management. 

Additionally, students are only required to complete an uninvolved five-day stay in University Park, Penn State’s main campus. The 48-credit online course in just two years. For your convenience you can choose a 30-month track, which is able to be extended if you want more flexibility.

Our Penn State also takes an unique method of learning known as ICE. This Integrative, Collaborative and Engaged focus provides you with the complete picture of how business organizations function. The courses you take will run by our faculty that instruct our students who live on campus. The best part is that there will be no distinction on your certificate that you have earned for the MBA from a distance. Students who enroll in the Penn State will receive the full Penn State education.

What is the penn state online MBA program?

The Penn State Online MBA Program is offered through Penn State State World Campus as well as the Smeal College of Business. The MBA offers a 48-credit course that integrates ICE Integrity Collaboration, Engagement, and Integration. 

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Students are required to select one of 29 different concentrations that range from business architecture through negotiation, influence and, to homeland security. With 39 credit hours of core courses, the last nine credits revolve on the student’s specific area of study. Learn more about the prerequisites for the concentration and core requirements on this page. 

Students may also earn an additional Master’s degree or graduate certificate quickly. There is also the possibility to study abroad during the Global Immersion trip, where students will meet with multinational companies to study the strategies and procedures they employ.

Penn state online MBA program GPA requirements

For Penn State it an absence of a required GPA to be applied for. The average GPA of accepted applicants to Penn State OMBA is 3.3. Penn State values your last two years GPA. i.e. your GPA earned in your senior and junior years.

Your college majors and ranking are equally important. For example, someone who is from MIT engineering with an GPA at 3.3 is a lot more academically proficient to someone, for instance having an average of 4.0 with an Arts degree, which is from Florida Memorial University. (Not to say that the Florida Memorial University is wrong however, LOL)

Because the OMBA curriculum is based on data it is essential to show your analytical skills by taking STEM-based undergraduate courses or top score on the quantitative portion of standard tests.

In all other respects What should you do in the event that your GPA isn’t great because it’s not possible to make a change to your GPA today. Some applicants believe that completing an advanced master’s degree with a higher GPA could help you to apply. Others suggest that you take a look at shorter courses to boost your GPA. Do not do any of these two. Instead when your GPA falls below 3. You should focus on your GMAT/GRE score to make up for it.

Do you need to consider taking to take the GRE or GMAT to get penn state online MBA program?

Penn State says that they do not have a preferences over GRE and GMAT. However, there are couple of things you need be aware of. GRE is far more straightforward to pass as compared to GMAT. Mathematics for the GMAT is more complicated and difficult, while Verbal for the GRE is a little more difficult.

Because Penn State has no preference between the two tests and you should be taking the GRE. You are more likely to get a score of 300or higher on the GRE rather than 600or more in the GMAT. You can get ready for the GRE in less than half the time it takes time to study for GMAT.

Additionally, Penn State likes to get a competitive quantitative score within the 50th-60th percentile range because there is a strong connection between how well a person performs on your Math area and the they do within their OMBA program. Because GRE Math is easier than the GMAT Math, one must take the GRE and strive for the 60th percentile to have the best possibility of being accepted into the program.

GRE and GMAT waiver at penn state online MBA program

Penn State can offer you the GRE or GMAT exemption in its OMBA Program on a case by case base. More than 80 percent of applicants receive GRE/GMAT waivers.

To be eligible to receive an exemption, it is necessary to fulfill one or one or:

  • advanced levels (Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathic and Doctor of Philosophy can be waived automatically)
  • At the very least 5 years relevant, growing post-graduate work experience
  • Leadership experience that is significant especially in the military
  • Demonstrate a strong quantitative aptitude and advanced analytical thinking abilities.

If you’ve already completed tests such as GMAT or GRE in the last five years, then you are not qualified for any waivers even if you meet for the above criterion. However, it is difficult to comprehend this reasoning as applicants have the option of choosing not to submit their GMAT/GRE results from any exam they took within the last five years. If you don’t submit those scores back at Penn State, they would not know you ever attended the GMAT/GRE.

Multiple GMAT or GRE attempts

Many GMAT and GRE attempts are frequent among OMBA applicants. This is not surprising since the majority of applicants haven’t been in the books (studying) for over 10 to 15 years. This is why I advise studying the best preparation materials to be able to score well in your GMAT and the GRE.

Penn State OMBA has no prejudgment against someone who has taken an exam like the GMAT as well as the GRE several times. Numerous GRE or GMAT attempts could positively affect an OMBA application. This tells Penn State’s admissions panel that you’re determined and driven enough to to improve all aspects that you apply for.

You might have attempted the GMAT Let’s say seven times, and each time you didn’t get an average of 600plus. On the 8th attempt you chose to go for the GRE which is much more straightforward for you than GMAT and you scored the desired score. This is a clear indication of your dedication and will greatly affect your application.

Is penn state online MBA good?

Is Penn State Online MBA Good
Source: bestcollegesonline

Two students from the Penn State alumni, Yuri Vanessa Cuervo and Matthew Thomas Mullins, have evaluated their experience with the Penn State 10 out of 10.

You will only have to devote 10-15 hours per week in order to complete this program. Which means that you are able to keep a balance between a 40-hour working week, play, family as well as your education. Additionally, Penn State has organized the program to ensure you can enjoy the advantages of an in-person MBA by residing on campus as well as the benefits of online learning. You can also attend classes on weekend and work on your work during the week.

Students stay connected to each other throughout the course through group-based learning activities. Students can work with their fellow students from various states and nations. Each student is from a variety of academic and professional background. This greatly helps you gain knowledge from your professors and other students.

If analytical abilities aren’t your forte and you’re not a Penn State student, then the OMBA is a great option since the program will provide you with the tools you need to think strategically and critically regarding the data you’re looking at.

More about penn state

Since the outbreak, the number of people who enroll into on-line MBA programs. This has led to an increase in enrollment in the most prestigious Penn State has nearly increased by a third in the last few years. The factors behind the increasing rising popularity of OMBA programs have been explained in the earlier blog post:

  • Flexibility.
  • There is no opportunity cost.
  • There is no reason to leave the job you’re in.
  • Greater curriculum customization.
  • Salary increases after post-MBA and less strict GRE/GMAT requirement.

The satisfaction rates of students who take online MBA graduates are extremely high. Online CMU’s MBA program had a satisfactory rating of 100%.

One of the aspects you’ll sacrifice when you enroll in the Penn State is a solid network connection that you establish with your classmates when you attend a regular, in-person MBA. Additionally, you lose the on-campus recruiting campaigns. If you are looking for changing careers and you’d like to get full advantage from the placement office in an MBA program If so, then Online MBA is not for you.

However, you will receive an increase in your salary as the some of the best Penn State report an average pay increase by 30 percent over their prior MBA salary. If you’re not looking to take a job that requires you to leave and give up your salary to pay for your MBA, you should consider an Online MBA can be a good option.

Why should you choose an online degree instead of traditional in-person MBA?

You’ve probably heard about the advantages of full-time, on-campus Penn State Online MBA Program. This includes focusing studying, getting access to greater financial aid options and networking. Full-time MBAs are a great alternative for students with the money to leave their job for a period of two years to focus solely on their studies. However, if you’re young professional or parent, or a frequent business traveler, an online option might be the best for you. Find out more about the advantages here.


Does penn state have online MBA?

The Penn State Online MBA lets you customize your program to include any of 27 different specializations. A few top-quality online MBA programs can offer this degree of depth.

Is it hard to get into penn state MBA program?

It is the Penn State Smeal MBA Program is limited to 60 students each year and a average class of 55-60 students. Average GMAT is 660, and the mid-80% range being 560-720. The mean GPA of 3.4. 3.4.

Does penn state waive GMAT?

Students who apply for admission into The Penn State Great Valley MBA or Masters of Finance, Master of Professional Accounting, or Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics might be able to skip requirements for the GMAT and GRE. Requests for GMAT/GRE score waivers are available for those who meet the requirements.

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