How To Use Peacock Chromecast? Best Method In 2023

How To Use Peacock Chromecast

All agree that viewing films on a big screen is more entertaining. Unfortunately, not all people have the luxury of a smart TV in their living room. The only alternative is to enjoy Peacock on your mobile’s small screen. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Even if your TV doesn’t have an Smart TV, you can enjoy your favourite TV shows and films on a bigger screen. To accomplish this you’ll require for this, you’ll need a Peacock Chromecast device. 

This device will assist with connecting the mobile phone tablets, smartphones, and smartphones to your TV. In simple terms, your television will reflect your smartphone. What you do on your phone will be displayed in your television. Isn’t that fascinating?

Is peacock on chromecast?

Peacock has signed agreements with Google. Therefore, Peacock streaming service is now accessible via Google’s Chromecast device. Google Chromecast allows you to experience all Peacock content on a large screen, in 4K/HDR resolution.

What is google chromecast?

It’s basically a streaming device that wirelessly connects your smartphone computer, tablet or phone to an HD screen. If your TV or monitor screen is equipped with the HDMI connector (which almost every TV has) you can turn it into an intelligent device that will connect to all the apps that are available on your smartphone or computer.

Google has launched its 3rd Generation Chromecast for $35. The Chromecast Ultra which is able to stream in 4K and has a more powerful CPU it costs $69.99. But, no matter which Chromecast you choose, the initial price is all you’ll have to pay for: using the Chromecast does not require a membership or costs. The only additional costs will be incurred if you sign up to and utilize the device with premium streaming services, such as NBC Peacock, Netflix, or Hulu.

A Chromecast can bring energy to an old television and allow access to content on a device that might have otherwise been restricted for instance the TV in a hotel which might cost a fee to watch films or TV shows.

How can i cast peacock to TV with chromecast?

Peacock Chromecast-compatible Application. Therefore, you can stream the content to TV with ease. Follow these steps to learn how to cast Peacock Chromecast to your TV. Before we get started we must make certain connections that are mandatory.

Things that are essential

  • Google Chromecast
  • Smart TV equipped with HDMI Slot
  • Smartphone
  • PC
  • Good WiFi connection

Mandatory connection

  • Connect the one end of Google Chromecast to your TV’s HDMI Slot, and the other side to your power supply
  • Connect all your equipment to the WiFi server.

How does google chromecast function?

Although it might appear that you’re streaming videos from your phone to your Chromecast but it’s actually doing something much more simple. The device you’re connected to is giving your Chromecast what it should play, then your Peacock Chromecast will stream the media through its own internet connection.

You can make use of an Peacock Chromecast to show the display of your smartphone or tablet on your television. Since smartphones can’t be put to sleep or unlocked without being shut down, this requires an active and focused effort. And if you have a Chromecast that is receiving an upgrade to the firmware currently then be happy. It’s a good thing. Chromecast will now be able to remember the volume settings you set as well as it’s the Google Home app is becoming an even better remote control.

Installing peacock TV on chromecast using google TV

Peacock TV is one of the most popular streaming apps that offers a wide selection of videos. You can access an unlimited number of films and TV shows, live sports, news, kids’ videos, as well as other content. You can also view NBC TV shows and over 15,000 hours of online video. Peacock TV also broadcasts live news from CNBC, NBC News, MSNBC as well as E! News regularly. Peacock TV allows you to create six distinct profiles and download your favorite episodes to view later offline. You can now download Peacock Chromecast TV on Google TV to enhance your viewing experience.

Installing peacock TV on google TV

Installing peacock TV on google TV
  • Make sure you connect the Google TV to a reliable internet connection.
  • The Google TV home screen will be displayed. Choose the Apps section from the screen.
  • Then step is to go to then the Search for Apps menu and enter Peacock TV.
  • Click the Install button after choosing that Peacock TV app.
  • To turn on this feature, you must activate Peacock TV app, click the Open button.
  • Log in to the Peacock Chromecast account and then use the services of your Google TV to enjoy your favorite Peacock TV shows.

Troubleshooting peacock chromecast

Are you experiencing difficulties getting you Chromecast to your television? Check out the suggestions below to fix the issue.

  • Make sure you’ve got checked if you’ve got Google Home app loaded on your smartphone.
  • It is available for download through the Google Home app is available to download from the iTunes Store as well as on the Google Play Store.
  • Make sure whether your Chromecast device is connected to your TV.
  • Make sure that you’re using the Chromecast device and the streaming device is connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.
  • Set Your Chromecast device to default settings.

Peacock not working with chromecast?

First, you must make the Peacock application streaming to the Chromecast ( make sure your device is connected to exactly the same wi-fi network the TV’s wireless). Once that’s been done, proceed to the next steps to

How to set up peacock chromecast?

  • Enter your settings for the app on your smartphone.
  • Locate and open the Peacock app’s settings
  • Slide it over “local network” so it will connect to you local connection!
  • Open the Peacock application and play. You will look for the Chromecast on the right hand side.


Does Peacock not allow mirroring?

Get the Peacock App and stream full ScreenShare episodes. Peacock allows you to watch ScreenShare.

Does Peacock allow casting?

These steps will allow you to stream content from your Chromecast device or Chromecast-enabled smart TV. You can select content through the Peacock app, or from your Chromecast-enabled mobile device’s browser. To stream, select the Chromecast icon.

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