How To Fix Netgear Router Is Not Working? Easy In Solution 2023

Netgear Router Is Not Working

Is Your Netgear Router is not working? Does it say connected but It’s still refusing to let you connect to the Internet? Don’t Worry We got the solution to troubleshoot and fix Netgear router problems. Let’s begin by identifying the potential causes behind the problem.

What is Netgear internet?

There are several distinct things Netgear internet may be used to mean. For instance, Netgear makes networking equipment such as modems and routers. While they might not be the provider of internet services for this equipment, they’re still a part of the pipe that brings the internet to your house.

There are people who use Netgear’s wireless routers, which come with SIM cards from their wireless service provider. These special routers are created to bring Internet to your home when you aren’t able to get it from an ordinary provider or you aren’t satisfied with the service available. Netgear internet is the networking equipment of Netgear which users are able to set up to give them access to the Internet.

Why the Netgear router isn’t connecting the internet?

Many issues can lead to Netgear router problems and there isn’t a definitive solution until you know the root of the issue. Here are some possible causes of Netgear router is not working:

  • Make sure that your cable connection from your modem to the router isn’t sloppy or damaged.
  • The firmware for the Netgear router is not up-to-date.
  • Internet is down on the Internet provider’s side.
  • The firewall or settings have been blocked from connecting to the internet.
  • Malfunctions in the router or technical problems.

How do i get my Netgear router to working?

How do i get my Netgear router to work
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It’s the first thing to do is making sure your router is set up properly. Connect it to the power source, and then press the power button in case it doesn’t start up automatically. The name of the router’s Wi-Fi network ( SSID) located in the user manual or at the lower part of the device will be displayed in the Wi-Fi settings. Click on the Network, then select Connect and then enter the password (which is located alongside the name of the network).

How do i fix my Netgear router problems?

Whatever the issue Here are the most common netgear router problems troubleshooting guidelines:

  1. Restart your router: Unplug the power source and wait for 30 seconds before you reconnect it. A simple restart will take out any technical issues that are temporary.
  2. The router can be moved, or get closer: The walls and other objects could block an antenna’s wireless signals. Other devices can create interference, so make sure to ensure that your router is in a central spot far from any other device. If your router’s signal isn’t able to be received by all the corners of your home, you should consider purchasing an extender for Wi-Fi.
  3. Upgrade your router’s firmware: If the software that comes with your router is not up-to-date, you could encounter issues. Look up your router’s model on the Netgear site to find the latest firmware.
  4. Change your antenna: Every router needs an antenna, either internal or external, in order to function correctly. If your router has a damaged antenna, you might be able find an alternative online.
  5. Modify your router’s IP: If you’re primary gateway’s IP was changed, then change it in the same way as before.
  6. Modify the Wi-Fi Channel: If your internet connection isn’t fast the router may be assigning multiple devices to one Wi-Fi channel. You can split them between each channel by choosing the appropriate network for your user (some devices cannot be connected to 5 GHz).
  7. Reset your router: Resetting the router restores the router in the same state it was at the time you removed it from the box. It means you’ll lose the custom settings that you’ve created, however it could be your only option in the event that you don’t have the password. Following the reset you’ll be allowed to login to your modem by using your default password and username.
  8. Switch DNS servers: It is impossible to access the internet in the event that the DNS server is down or damaged. Connect to any of the other DNS servers available to the public.
  9. Repair or replace the modem: When you’ve tried every option listed on this list and have not had success it could be due to an issue with your hardware that needs to be addressed, like an internal antenna that is damaged. Before purchasing a replacement check out the Netgear Hardware Warranty page to find out whether your device is eligible to receive a no-cost repairs or replacement.

Troubleshooting mobile Netgear router problems

Troubleshooting Netgear mobile routers
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In the event that you’re running a router with a mobile SIM card, where you plug in your SIM card, and the Netgear router makes use of it to supply internet to your home, follow these troubleshooting netgear router problems techniques.

Pull the SIM card

Re-insert and pull the SIM card if the router isn’t receiving an signal, but it did before. It could allow the device to restart and get it working. It is also possible to examine for damage to the SIM card for any signs or physical damages.

If you’re not sure of how to access from the SIM card, check the guide. After that, connect it to other network devices. Soft restart the device prior to trying to determine if it works.

What lights should be on my Netgear router?

It is important that the the Netgear lights on your Modem must be solid in colour (usually it’s green). It is also important to note that the Netgear lights (traditionally depicted by the traditional symbol of an “i” or a planet with the circle about that) along with the Wi-Fi Netgear lights should be either solid or blinking. The icons may appear slightly different if you are using an router and modem device.

Still experiencing issues?

Now, those who have problems with the Netgear router is not working and not being able to connect internet ought to look into more detailed troubleshooting. Now the issue can be solely a router issue. Try some of the suggestions like the following:

  • Connect the router of Netgear to the laptop with an Ethernet cable and connect to the dashboard of the network.
  • Perform a clean reset of the router and install it again.
  • Check isp connection and make sure you have cable connections.


How long do Wi-Fi routers last?

Experts recommend that your router be upgraded every five years . If you have a lot of smart home gadgets or if your regular habit is to buy the most recent phones and laptops for Wi-Fi, you should upgrade your router every two to three decades.

Should router be blinking or solid?

If you see a blinking light, it means that you are having trouble connecting to the internet. Make sure all phone cable connections are secure. Then, reboot the router and modem (if necessary). POWER: If the light is solid green, it means that the unit has been properly connected to power. A blinking red signal indicates that the modem may be in trouble.

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