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Lightest Gaming Mouse

Everyone who has used a gaming mouse before knows that they tend to be bulky and heavy. While some people prefer this, many don’t, finding it more comfortable to use lighter mice. This article will talk about the seven Lightest Gaming Mouse in 2023. So, if you’re in the market for one, you’ll know where to look. This list will include world’s lightest mouse both wired and wireless mice and different prices so that you can find the perfect fit.

Is a lightest gaming mouse better for games?

If you’re a gamer, your hand is always in pain after a day of playing. Most professional gamers use a mouse with extra weights installed to make it heavier. Here, the counter-argument is that lighter mice can be more responsive and easier to handle. Also, some heavy mice are too bulky for quick swipes and finger maneuvers, negatively affecting gaming performance. So, there’s no clear answer to whether heavier or liteweight gaming mouse is better for gaming. It depends on how you play and what features you prefer in your mouse.

The overall weight also varies across mouse models. Usually, heavier mice are used by more prominent people, and lighter ones are better suited to small hands. Suppose you’re concerned about grip size. Try to handle different mice at a physical store before buying one online. Also, heavier mice tend to offer more programmable buttons and more substantial sensors depending on your game of choice, which may or may not be a concern. It’s also worth noting that wireless mice usually weigh less than wired ones due to their lack of wiring.

1. FinalMouse ultralight 2 cape town

The FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town takes top honors as it’s a scant 117 grams with all of its weights removed. Even when we add weights back in, we only get a mouse that weighs about 153 grams. At the same time, most will want to customize their consequences for play style and comfort. It’s impressive that you can remove every one of them and still have an extremely light honeycomb mice.

We don’t recommend buying ultralight mice if you’re big into MMOs or strategy games where you need more buttons. But if you’re mostly playing FPS titles, it should suit your needs quite well. It also has two sets of side buttons so that ambidextrous gamers won’t be left out concerning button options.

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2. Cooler master MM710

Cooler Master MM710
Source: coolermaster

The Cooler Master MM710 is an excellent mouse for people who prefer a liteweight gaming, with outstanding performance that can match more extensive options like our top pick. It’s one of the only mice we tested with an ambidextrous design and buttons on both sides. It is also one of only two models we tested with an adjustable lift-off distance, and it has fantastic software support. Unfortunately, its battery life isn’t as impressive as some other options.

The battery lasted around five hours during our testing, and its design and aesthetics weren’t entirely up to par with our other picks. However, if you don’t mind not having as many customization options. Or you were able to plug your Mouse directly into your computer without any wires. Then it would be best if you considered picking up the Cooler Master MM710.

3. Razer viper ultimate

The Razer Viper Ultimate is light and durable, combining ergonomic features with a solid build. It also performs exceptionally well for its price point. So, suppose you’re looking for a budget lightest gaming mouse that gives you what you need without skimping on quality. Please take a close look at it before making your decision.

No one has ever gone wrong buying any Razer product, so we’d feel confident saying that you can’t go wrong with this one.The Razer Naga Trinity sensor is way more comfortable and responsive than the previous one and makes your gaming experience extraordinary.

4. Logitech G pro X superlight

If you’re a gamer on a budget, finding a gaming mouse that performs well and has features comparable to more expensive models can be challenging. But Logitech’s G Pro X gaming mouse delivers pro-level performance for about half the price of its competitors. Which isn’t essential for most people but can help improve accuracy. In addition, it comes with customizable weights to make it easy to adapt to different hand sizes.

It also has an adjustable DPI range of 200 to 12,000 and 16.8 million color options for customizing your lighting scheme. And if you want more buttons than what is included in the standard right-handed design. There’s an optional left-handed version available that includes two extra side buttons. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some other mice. But at $50, it still offers excellent value compared to similar products.

5. Glorious model O wireless

You can’t play at the top level without a solid Lightest Gaming Mouse, no matter how good you are. The Glorious Model O Wireless is hailed as one of the honeycomb mice in gaming history, weighing in at only 36 grams. It makes it perfect for people that spend countless hours playing games on their PC but want to stay as agile and quick as possible. It also comes with a high-speed 5G optical sensor and advanced multi-colored illumination to go along with it. You can have excellent tracking and lights.

Finally, it should not surprise that Glorious would make a keyboard just as good as their mouse. The Glorious Gamer III is one of many keyboards to get an 88-Key mechanical overdrive treatment, and features LED backlighting so you can play like there’s no tomorrow. They’ve even designed custom keycaps for a genuinely next-gen gaming experience.

6. Glorious model D

Glorious Model D
Source: gtstore

The Glorious Model D is one of those mice that’s so light that I thought it was defective when I first picked it up. The catch is that it’s also one of the most precise gaming mice you can buy. If a fingertip grip appeals to you and your style of play doesn’t call for extra buttons. Then you can’t do much better than Glorious Model D. keep in mind that you’ll need some device to help remove some of its weight, perhaps with weights or a counterweight.

When I picked up my first Glorious Model D, I honestly thought that there was a problem with it. The honeycomb mouse is so light that it feels like it was made out of aluminum or metal. But then again, all that matters is whether or not it’s effective. And in that regard, Glorious Model D shines. Many people prefer honeycomb mice as they allow for better and more precise mouse handling when playing online games and MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2.

7. Xtrfy M4

The Xtrfy M4 is one of the lightest gaming mice on our list, making it incredibly easy to travel. The Logitech G603 boasts an impressive battery life, but we think it’s essential for gamers to have a mouse that doesn’t rely on AA batteries. At less than 90 grams, you can easily take your favorite Logitech mouse wherever you go without sacrificing performance or comfort.

The M4 from Xtrfy is one of our favorite liteweight gaming mice. It’s incredibly light at 86 grams and has an excellent comfortable grip for any gamer. On top of that, it can go for up to 250 hours on a single charge, thanks to its ingenious power-saving features. So, you won’t have to worry about battery life during long sessions.


If you are an avid gamer, these are some of our recommendations for liteweight gaming mice that you should consider adding to your collection. At the same time, we do not encourage non-stop use of your honeycomb mouse. Suppose you find yourself using it for several hours each day. We would recommend switching to a lighter model.

The last thing you want is to develop hand pain from gaming too much. These are all great products and come with a reasonable price tag. They should easily fit into most people’s budgets without sacrificing quality or weight.


Is the Superlight the lightest mouse?

PRO X SUPERLIGHT, our lightest PRO wireless mouse, is an engineering breakthrough that achieves a weight of less than 63g . This makes it nearly 25% lighter than the standard PRO Wireless mouse.

What mouse does Ninja use?

Ninja uses the Logitech Pro X Superlight. This mouse is very light, as its name implies. This Logitech gaming mouse is light and portable, thanks to its reliable sensor and lack of weight.

What mice does PewDiePie use?

Ghost has teamed up with PewDiePie in order to bring you the best keyboard and mouse available.

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