Life Insurance For Kidney Patients – Best Guide In 2023

Life Insurance For Kidney Patients

A few things that underwriters need to be aware of in order to apply in the application process patients of Kidney Disease Life Insurance:

  • After you have were diagnosed, you
  • Regular medications you’re taking
  • What is your current health status and any recent attacks
  • Information about readings or results (GFR as well as Creatinine)
  • Have you had any surgeries or treatment? Are you currently waiting for any?

They Insurance Surgery specialize in helping those suffering from pre-existing ailments like Kidney Disease in finding life insurance. The experts at the Insurance Surgery are able to scan the entire market to determine the best coverage for your family and you.

Life insurance kidney disease

If you’re worried about the financial challenges you could face should you be diagnosed with an illness such as kidney disease and life insurance, then these products provide financial security for your family and you in the event that you’re diagnosed with this kind of illness.

The majority of types of insurance such as polycystic renal disease life insurance for instance will be based upon the seriousness of your illness. Life insurance companies might examine information like an medical history, the GFR or other readings , when creating the policy.

Other kidney diseases, such as kidney could be more dependent on other aspects including whether you’ve fully recovered from the condition, the number of stones you had and if there was any repeat incidences.

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Will life insurance cover kidney disease patients?

Yes Standard life insurance doesn’t cover any medical condition that is pre-existing, so should you die because of kidney disease or an illness related to it, your life insurance policy will pay the cash lump sum to your family members.

There are many diseases that fall under the kidney disease category, and each condition is addressed differently by the perspective of an insurer. A few examples include:

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)
  • Kidney Transplant
  • IGA Nephropathy
  • Kidney Stones

Does critical illness provide compensation to treat kidney diseases?

Yes Certain types of kidney disease may result in a payout from your critical illness insurance. If you purchase an insurance policy, and later suffer kidney failure, as an example the critical illness insurance will pay a lump-sum to cover expenses for:

  • Loss of income if you are unable to work for a period of period of
  • Treatment or medication
  • Other expenses and bills

Critical illness insurance is designed to help ease the financial burden of being diagnosed of a serious disease to ensure that you carry on with your normal life.

Can income protection pay for kidney disease be covered?

Yes An existing income protection plan will be covered if you are identified with specific kidney ailments. You are able to claim most policies for 12-24 months of sickness or time off from work.

The income protection program generally will pay more than statutory sick leave and can therefore be extremely beneficial to people suffering from kidney diseases because of the many reasons they could be required to leave work.

These include:

  • Recovering from the transplant
  • Dialysis
  • Recovering from the severe symptoms

Furthermore, around 1 of 3 patients with kidney disease are thought to be suffering from depression at one point or another that could warrant the need to take a break.

Is it possible for a patient with kidney disease to receive life insurance?

Yes Our team has years of experience in finding life insurance kidney disease plans for those with existing medical conditions, such as kidney disease. The insurance company may require to examine your medical records prior to being able to give you the insurance, but it is normal and, if you consent they’ll simply send a letter to your GP to get this information.

There are a few questions you could be asked while applying for life insurance coverage for kidney card disease patients:

  • When were you first diagnosed?
  • Are you aware of your readings for kidney function?
  • Have you had or are in the process of getting the results of a transplant?
  • Are you currently or have you ever had dialysis? When did this happen?
  • Is your condition stable?

Don’t be concerned even if you aren’t sure of the exact answer to these questions, as the insurance company will only use your medical records. However it could be helpful to identify the answer a bit faster if you are able to answer these questions.

Does critical illness include kidney disease?

Yes Even in the an early stage kidney disease is associated with a higher chance of developing a critical illness because of a variety of aspects that are associated with the condition. Other ailments are related to kidney card disease, and some of them may be caused by (or result from) it, for instance:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Anaemia
  • Heart Disease

What to expect when applying for life insurance with kidney disease?

What To Expect When Applying For Life Insurance With Kidney Disease?
Source: futureproofinsurance

If you suffer from kidney disease and you apply for life insurance, your application will be evaluated by the results of the tests for kidney function. If tests reveal the kidney’s function becoming worse, you will not be considered for coverage, and be placed in a high risk category.

Acute kidney disease

Even if you suffer from renal disease, it is possible that you could be eligible for life insurance. If you suffer from severe kidney disease and the life insurance company will take a favorable look at your application if are managing the problem well and are regularly checking in with a physician.

Chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease can be classified into five stages where stage 1 has the greatest outcomes, and stage five being the most severe. What stage you are in your illness and the treatment plan you have in place will be thoroughly examined as you submit an application for insurance on life. Dialysis patients are not generally considered to be risk-free.

Kidney transplant

If you’ve had kidney transplants, most life insurance companies would like to wait for a calendar year prior to applying for insurance. This is because there’s a lesser likelihood for your body to reject your new organ and suffering problems.

Expect to pay steep premiums

In the case of most kidney transplant candidates the application you submit will be deemed to be high-risk. This means you’ll likely be required to pay a premium for life insurance.


Can i get life insurance with kidney disease?

Yes – Standard life insurance doesn’t exempt pre-existing medical issues and, therefore, if you die due to kidney disease or another condition that is related to it, your life insurance policy will pay the cash lump sum to your family members.

Can kidney patients live long?

Many people suffering from chronic kidney illness (CKD) can remain healthy for a long time without being too much affected by the condition. While it isn’t possible to heal damage that’s already occurred to the kidneys of patients, CKD will not necessarily be getting worse. CKD does not reach the stage of advanced in tiny percentage of patients.

Can i improve my kidney function?

What else can affect my GFR? You can slow down the progress in kidney diseases by taking health care by eating the right diet and exercise. For some, however the kidney disease becomes worse despite the best efforts they make to maintain maintaining a healthy life style.

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