i7-12700k vs i9-12700kf – Best comparison in 2023

i7-12700k vs i9-12700kf

The primary distinction between the Intel Core i7-12700K vs i9-12700KF is that the 12700K is equipped with integrated graphics, while the 12700KF isn’t equipped with embedded graphics.

The other specifications are alike in both of these CPUs. The 12700K is able to be a good choice for those who don’t want to purchase an graphics card right now. A variety of games is possible with it. However, if we are talking about the 12700KF model, you must purchase an graphics card if you would like to engage in games. Other reasons exist to consider which one to choose over another. We’ll discuss all aspects. So, let’s get started.

i7-12700k vs i9-12700kf Specifications comparison

SpecificationIntel Core i7 12700KIntel Core i7 12700KF
CPU Generation12th generation Core12th Generation core
Cores/Threads6(P-Core)+4(E-Core)20 Threads6(P-Core)+4(E-Core)
20 Threads
Max Turbo Frequency5 GHz5 GHz
P-Core FrequencyBase: 3.60GHz
Boost: 4.90 GHz
Base: 3.60GHz
Boost: 4.90 GHz
E-Core FrequencyBase: 2.70 GHz
Boost: 3.80 GHz
Base: 2.70 GHz
Boost: 3.80 GHz
Cache25MB Intel Smart Cache25MB Intel Smart Cache
PCIe VersionPCIe 5.0 and 4.0PCIe 5.0 and 4.0
Memory SupportDDR4 (up to 3200 MT/s)
DDR5 (up to 4800 MT/s)
DDR4 (up to 3200 MT/s)
DDR5 (up to 4800 MT/s)
Boxed Cooling SolutionNoNo
Integrated Graphics CardIntel(r) UHD Graphics 770No
Maximum Temperature100degC100degC

In this comparison, it is possible to notice that both i7-12700k ddr4 as well as 12700KF offer similar specifications. There is only one difference: the 12700K has integrated UHD graphics however the 12700KF isn’t equipped with an integrated video.

Benchmark scores comparison

ParameterIntel Core i7 12700KIntel Core i7 12700KF
CPU Mark Score34,30334,056
Single-Core Score (Geekbench)1,9041,888
Multi-Core Score (GeekBench)14,09313,797
Single-Thread Rating (PassMark)4,0554,049

A 12700K result is definitely an absolute winner here. But the difference between scores is quite minimal. It is possible to expect similar outcomes from both.

i7-12700k vs i9-12700kf Cinebench scores comparison

For those who don’t know, Cinebench is CPU benchmarking software. It’s used to determine any CPU’s single-core or multi-core performance. There are three variations of Cinebench i.e. R15, R20, and R23. R23 is the most recent version, which is much more efficient in operation than the earlier versions (R15 as well as R20)

  • Multi-Core-Score. This score is merely a measure of the performance of your CPU when multitasking. Encoding, rendering and the majority of productivity software makes usage of several cores.
  • Single-Core Score. Like the name implies this score reveals the efficiency of one CPU. The score will help evaluate the CPU’s performance in gaming, as well as the general speed of any operation.
Cinebench BenchmarkIntel Core i7 12700KIntel Core i7 12700KF
Cinebench R23 (Single Core)1,9391,939
Cinebench R23 (Multi Core)23,48822,812
Cinebench R20 (Single Core)755757
Cinebench R20 (Multi Core)8,9118,750
Cinebench R15(Single Core)286286
Cinebench R15 (Multi Core)3,3283,327

In addition again, you can see that Cinebench scores are nearly identical for both CPUs. This means that the difference in performance isn’t too significant between the two. However, the reason for choosing one over the other will be discussed in the next section.

Which one is best for gaming? i7-12700k vs i9-12700kf

Which one is best for gaming
Source: pcworld

Both are excellent for gaming. If you decide to make use of an graphics card your gaming performance will be determined by the GPU’s performance. The integrated graphics of the i7-12700k ddr4 allow you to play the majority games with medium or low settings at over 30 FPS. But, you aren’t able to play games with the 12700KF by itself.

You can choose any 30 series graphics card that comes that has these CPUs. RTX 3090 could be an overkill in this case. However, the RTX3080 is the most appropriate card. If you do you will enjoy excellent gaming performance absolutely. I’d like to suggest you a fantastic YouTube video that benchmarks games performance for both. It is evident that both CPUs have nearly the same FPS when paired with the 10GB RTX3080 graphics card.

Whether your goal is not to purchase an graphics card but you still want to play games I suggest you go with the 12700K. If, however, you’re creating a gaming computer with an integrated graphics card then there’s no reason to go with the 12700K. If that is the case, you should purchase 12700KF.

Which one is better for productivity?

Both are showing nearly identical performance. It is therefore difficult to choose just one, especially in terms of productivity. Intel’s E-Core and P-Core integration have made its 12th CPUs awe-inspiring for multitasking. However when you keep your productivity in mind, then it is recommended to go with 12700K, in my opinion.

I’m saying that because the difference in price isn’t that significant between the two. If you’re receiving a high-quality integrated GPU when you buy the i7-12700k ddr4, then why not? There are many productivity applications which make use of integrated graphics to improve the performance of your computer. This is likely prove to be a winning for you and the i7-12700k ddr4. If you’re creating a computer for video editing, graphic designing and modeling in 2D/3D, and you require an graphics card, you are able to opt for the 12700KF.

Final verdict

The i7-12700k ddr4 and 12700KF are quite powerful CPUs that focus at the users above average. So, deciding between the two isn’t difficult for you. I’ll say this again: If you’re not planning on buying the latest graphics card, opt for the 12700K , and make use of its built-in GPU prior to making the upgrade to a different card.

If you’re making a high-performance computer that includes a powerful graphics card, then you can opt for the 12700KF too. However i7-12700k ddr4 is going to offer certain advantages. Also, if you can invest a little more money in the 12700K, it’s worthwhile in all instances.


Is there a noticeable difference between i7 and i9?

“Generally speaking, Intel Core i9 processors offer better performance because they have more cores and higher frequencies. They also draw more power,” Moorhead states. The i9 processor is for you and your users who require high performance in single-threaded and multithreaded workloads.

Is the i7 12700KF a good CPU?

The system also shares the L3 cache memory of 30MB. This Intel Core i7 12700KF processor is the best value. This processor is great for gaming and has excellent compatibility with both the Nvidia GPU as well as the AMD GPU.

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