How To Replace A Steering Wheel With An Airbag? [Replace Safe]

How To Replace A Steering Wheel With An Airbag

If your vehicle is equipped with an airbag, you’ll need to know how to replace it from the steering wheel. You’ll need a flat blade screwdriver to remove the air bag from the steering wheel. It’s held in place by two clips that you can loosen by turning the screwdriver 90° clockwise. After wriggling the air bag a little, it should pop forward. Then, simply reverse the process, turning the screwdriver 180° counterclockwise to detach the clip and separating the wires.

Cut out battery power

If you’re thinking about replace your steering wheel with an airbag, you need to know how to properly disable the system. In California, you can only disengage an airbag by cutting the battery power. If you have trouble removing the airbag, call a tow truck.

The first step is to locate the wiring connector and remove the wires from it. You’ll need a screwdriver. There are two colored devices that you’ll need to pull up and push downward. Then, you’ll need a small pick to loosen the safety clip and disconnect the wires from the steering wheel. Make sure the wiring harness connector is disconnected before you remove the steering wheel and airbag.

Removal of airbag mounting bolts

Before you begin, unplug the negative battery cable. It will disable the air bag system. Disconnect the air bag module and the wiring connectors. Remove the routing clip from the air bag module studs. Remove the steering wheel mounting bolt. Carefully pull out the steering wheel damper assembly from the steering column shaft. Disconnect the 6 electrical connections. Set the damper plate aside.

Firstly, unscrew the M14 bolt. You may need a socket wrench or an extension. To remove the air-bag unit, turn the steering wheel centered. If it is turned, you may have more access to the screws. If not, turn the steering wheel and engage the slip ring lock. This will engage the steering lock. Turning the steering wheel while the air-bag is uninstalled can cause damage to the slip ring lock.

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Disengage the wires

To disengage the air-bag, insert a flat blade screwdriver into the two holes on the back of the steering wheel and twist them upward to release the leaf spring mechanism. A third wire connection, located on the right side, is also removed by pulling it out of its socket. Carefully remove the air-bag from the steering wheel. This guide will show you how to disengage the air-bag and replace it with a new one.

The steering wheel is held in place by the central lug nut. To remove this nut, use a hex key or a screwdriver. Some steering wheels require special tools. Once removed, replace the steering wheel. Be sure to lubricate the nut and steering wheel connector with grease before removing it from the car. These wires are constantly moving, so they need to be lubricated.

Remove the airbag

Remove The Airbag
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Before you replace the steering wheel with an airbag, you should remove the old air-bag. You can do this by following the instructions provided in the workshop manual. First, you must remove the two colored devices that attach the airbag to the steering wheel.

These devices are usually torx screws. Push the grey one downward and the orange one upward and unplug it from the steering wheel. Now, you must remove the safety clip on the airbag, if it is attached to it.

Identify the screws holding the airbag unit. Some steering wheels may have two screws or four. If this is the case, use a Torx T30 bit to unscrew them. Once you have removed the screws, unscrew the airbag unit. It may be helpful to line up the four black rods on the steering wheel with the four white plastic holes.

How to replace a steering wheel with an airbag?

If you’re planning to replace your steering wheel with a new one, you need to know how to properly do this job. Usually, there are two screws that hold the airbag to the steering wheel. Remove these screws using a T30 Torx socket and ratchet.

Carefully slide the new airbag into place, while keeping the old one firmly in place. Then, tighten the screws on the side of the steering wheel to prevent theft or malfunction. Lastly, pop the side plates back into place.

Before removing the old steering wheel, make sure that it’s off-centered. Some steering wheels have a recessed hole to avoid airbag deployment. If this is the case, make sure to grease the nut beforehand. This is crucial for constant wheel movement. When replacing the steering wheel, remember to check that the steering wheel is free of any dirt or debris. To keep your car running smoothly, it’s best to use a lubricant.


Can you buy a steering wheel with airbags?

Yes. It is therefore important to buy an aftermarket steering column with an airbag. It should be compatible with your car.

Are removable steering wheels legal?

Most cases, a quick-release steering column is not street legal. Any aftermarket steering wheels must have an airbag if the factory steering wheel has one. They are illegal because there are no quick-release steering wheel with an airbag.

Is steering with one hand illegal?

There are no laws that specify how many hands a steering wheel should have or in what position they must be when operating a motor car.

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