How To Fix Bent CPU Pins? Best Method In 2023

How To Fix Bent CPU Pins

In this article, we will be discussing how to fix bent CPU pins. CPU pins are not very sturdy and can easily bend when they are not properly supported. This can cause problems with the motherboard and the CPU itself. In this article, we will show you how to properly support the CPU pins and how to fix them if they are bent.

Will bent CPU pins affect my computer?

When installing a CPU, it is important that the pins are straightened and in proper alignment. If they are not, the CPU may not be installed correctly, or worse, it could be damaged. In some cases, a bent CPU pin can cause your computer to not start up at all.

If you find that your CPU pins are bent, you will need to straighten them before you can install the CPU onto the motherboard. This can be done using a number of methods, such as pliers or a special tool designed for this purpose. Be careful not to broken pins while you are straightening them. Once the pins are straightened, you can then install the CPU onto the motherboard. Make sure that you apply even pressure when doing so, and do not force the CPU into place.

How to tell if CPU pins are bent?

If you re looking at a CPU and some of the pins are bent, you should be able to tell. CPU pins should be perfectly straight and aligned if they aren’t damaged. If they re not, then the CPU may not work properly.

Do all CPUs have pins?

In general, AMD CPUs have pins on the CPU while Intel has pins on the motherboard. This is due to how the two companies developed their respective processors. AMD designed its CPUs with pins on the chip itself so that it could be inserted directly into the motherboard. Intel, however, decided to put its pins on the motherboard instead. This allowed for a smaller and more compact design, which was important at a time when space was at a premium.

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If i get the pins straight, will my CPU work again?

The short answer is maybe. If there is no physical damage to the chip, and the pins are straight, then there’s a good chance it will work again. However, if there is any damage to the chip, even if it’s not visible, it may not be fixable.

Broken CPU are delicate and can have unseen damage. Even a small knock or bump can cause problems with the internal workings of the chip. This is why it’s important to handle them with care. If you do think your CPU may be damaged, don’t try to fix it yourself. Take it to a professional and let them take a look at it. They may be able to fix it, or they may tell you that it’s beyond repair.

How to avoid bending CPU pins?

When it comes to CPUs, there are a few golden rules that should always be followed in order to avoid broken pins. First and foremost, don’t store your CPU under anything heavy. This can cause the pins to bend, which can lead to problems when trying to install the CPU or even damage it permanently. Secondly, try not to use other tools over your CPU. This could potentially broken pins or even cause the CPU to fall off of the socket. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your CPU stays in good condition and lasts for a long time.

How to fix bent CPU pins?

Your computer’s CPU is a critical piece of hardware. If the pins on the CPU are bent, it can cause problems with the computer’s performance.

Fix bent pins on CPU with credit card

When a pin is bent, it can be difficult to insert into the correct spot on the motherboard. This is because the bend forces the pins to angle outwards, instead of going straight in. In some cases, the pin may be so severely bent that it snaps off completely. However, there are ways to fix a broken pin without having to replace the entire motherboard. One way is to use a credit card or razor blade to push the pins back into place.

  • First, find a credit card or razor blade that is about the same width as the pins on your motherboard.
  • Then, gently insert it into the gap between the pins and motherboard and push until they are all in line with each other again.
  • Make sure not to apply too much pressure, as you could damage both the card and motherboard.

Fix bent pins on CPU with mechanical pencil

Fix Bent Pins On CPU With Mechanical pencil
Source: extremetech

When you use a mechanical pencil to fix bent pins on CPU, you’re looking to straighten out individual pins one at a time. by following these steps:

  • Look at the bent pin on CPU and decide where the break is. If it is near the base of the pin, then you can try to straighten it out with your fingers. If it is further up the pin, then you will need to use pliers or tweezers to grasp the pin.
  • Use the mechanical pencil to apply pressure to the break and slowly straighten it out.
  • If the break is close to the base of the pin, then use your fingers to bend it back into place.
  • Apply gentle pressure until the pin is fully seated in its hole.

Fix CPU bent pins with tweezers 

Fix CPU Bent Pins With Tweezers 
Source: ifixit

When it comes to fixing a computer, there are a few things that you might be able to do yourself. One of these is putting the CPU back into place. This can be done with a tiny pair of tweezers. If you’re going to use tweezers to grasp and guide the broken CPU pin back into place, look for tiny tweezers that will give you the best grip. You don’t want them to be too big, as they might not fit into the small space between the CPU and the motherboard.

Fix CPU bent pins with sewing needle

When you’re choosing a sewing needle, it’s important to pick one that is slim enough to fit between the pins. This will allow you to use it to bend a pin back into place. You don’t want to choose a needle that is too small, though, as it could break easily.


Bent or Broken CPU pins are a common occurrence, but they don t have to cause problems with your computer. If the pins are only slightly bent, you may be able to fix them yourself using a small pair of pliers. However, if the pins are severely bent, you will need to take your computer to a professional for repair. Conclusion: Bent CPU pins can often be fixed without too much trouble, but if they are severely bent, you will need to take your computer to a professional for repair.


What Problems Can Bent CPU Pins Cause?

First, don’t try to install a CPU or motherboard with bent pins. (Read more about LGA vs. PGA). Before you use them, ALWAYS make sure to straighten them as best as possible.

Can You Bend CPU Pins Back?

Yes, sure you can! This is possible if the damage isn’t too severe.

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