How To Connect PS3 To Laptop With HDMI? Follow These Steps

How To Connect PS3 To Laptop With HDMI

Gamers are often creative and apply different tricks to change their gaming zones. Every gamer can relate to how often they try new things to make them feel better while playing games. How to connect ps3 to laptop with HDMI? don’t worry, it’s not a very difficult task.

In other words, you’ve to look up a few things first, and after that, the decision is whether your laptop accepts HDMI. In case of acceptance, by following short few steps. Before taking a perfect start, you’ve to look for laptop settings and check the following procedure.

Laptop compatibility

Connect ps3 to laptop using hdmi cable only Is your laptop compatible with accepting HDMI? One of the most important questions that makes you easier and more comfortable.

In other words, in case of complete compatibility, you can connect ps3 to a laptop with HDMI. As you see, many laptops are available that have one input, and in only rare cases, laptops can accept HDMI. Every trouble has a solution, so don’t worry about the laptop compatibility to accept HDMI. One thing to keep in mind if you’re going to buy a new laptop is the connecting ability of HDMI. In that case, you’re not facing any problem.

If your laptop isn’t compatible?

Having an HDMI port in every laptop is not very common. A lot of systems don’t have any HDMI port. In that case, if your laptop doesn’t have the port accepting HDMI, you’ve to try all the possibilities that might be helpful to connect with that in some way.

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You can try a capture card for connecting with that and also use other helpful options that provide access to connect ps3 to a laptop with HDMI. Most of the time, it depends on your budget, and buying a capture card is an expensive option to choose.

If you’re looking for a cheap option, you’ve to buy a second-hand television screen. It’s normal to don’t have an HDMI port; as you see, there are many faster and cheaper options available to connect your ps3 with the laptop. There are many options available in the market to choose them wisely and choose those options that are the perfect fit for you.

Playing PS3 on a laptop monitor

Some peoples are lucky enough to have an HDMI port on their laptop to connect on the first attempt and play ps3 on their laptop monitor. In other words, it’s going to be an amazing experience while connecting gone cable to the HDMI port and another one to your laptop port. After that, you’ll enjoy the great result and play ps3 easily and effectively.

As a gamer, you always know about its working criteria and probably listened to friends’ meetups about how interesting it will be to play ps3 on the laptop monitor. Similarly, you can avail yourself of this option in your spare time and in some of the worst conditions in which your pc is not working or any other problems.

How to connect PS3 to laptop?

Making a connection from one gadget to another requires some steps to follow, and after that, you’re able to see the results.

Many different ways and methods are helpful while making connections of ps3 to the laptop. Here are a few ways that you can follow to make your connection with your laptop.

Changing HDMI settings from the laptop

Changing HDMI settings from the laptop

Changing HDMI settings from your laptop is not very difficult and not a very complex task to perform. In other words, you can easily change the HDMI setting from the laptop. Start with right-click volume icon widows taskbar and now superior sound, and choose the playback option.

You can see the option of digital audio and video and easily turn to confirm all the options are On mode audio and video. Now you’re ready to go with your HDMI settings and easily connect your HDMI with your laptop without any hassle. Some peoples are not familiar with this set of HDMI and create problems for themselves by changing the wrong side settings.

Is there any option to connect wirelessly?

If that’s the case, a video input adapter is your solution, and you want to connect wirelessly with ps3. In other words, a video adapter allows you to utilize their resource and find a perfect connection for you. Every problem has a solution, and using a video adapter is also considered a great revolution in the field.

How to connect PS3 to the laptop using HDMI?

You need to take care of certain steps before how to play ps3 on laptop.

  • The first thing to focus on is buying a good HDMI cable which you can easily find with great reviews on the internet in case of online purchase. In offline or physical shop purchases, take the advice from an expert or find it by yourself.
  • Once you buy a cable from any store or amazon, plug the HDMI cable into your laptop to the appropriate place or HDMI port.
  • As we see, many laptops don’t contain a port-specific place; in that case, you can use other options to take advantage.
  • If you don’t have an appropriate place, connect one side of the cable to the laptop and another side to the appropriate place on the device that you’re using to connect.
  • If that’s not the case, change their places or check their sides.
  • You can change your laptop settings according to your needs after making your connection.
  • One Big thing that most people forget to do is complete the updating process of their laptop. If you can update your laptop before installation, it will be your plus point to configure the best result.

HDMI connection with a capture card

Are you thinking about using the capture card? Think again; it might be an expensive option to choose for making a connection. Start with plugins in HDMI from PS3 to the capture card. You need to always keep in mind to use the other end to plug the cable, which is helpful for the transmission of the information.

Video capturing software

All you need to do is download video capturing software and install it properly with all the given Guidance. In that case, you can choose Elgato games capturing software which is very useful for providing excellent quality services that you’re looking for.

Plugging in the USB from the capture card to the laptop

The USB port is used for transmitting all the information from the HDMI to the PS3, and without using a USB, you don’t have any method to transfer all the information.

Turning on your PC along with PS3

If your pc is not already turned on, you’ve to follow the instruction for turning on the Pc. In some other cases or any chance of problems, you can check your connections again.

Connecting with the capture card issue

Connecting with the capture card issue

Capture cards are considered a very expensive option for connect ps3 to laptop. In other words, many people are not in the conditions to connect with the capture cards. Suppose you’re in budget mode and have access to buy a capture card for connecting with HDMI to play the ps3 after connecting with your laptop.

As you know, every gadget or device has some pros and cons. Similarly, using the approach of capture cards have certain problems. The latency that the capture card provides makes your problem with the display look simple. The problem with that is a delay which makes them impossible and makes your journey of playing games impossible.


The laptop is a great modern technology gadget and considers one of the best for playing games with a high-quality system and revolution. As you know, Sony games are not often displayed on different tools and all the other small screens. It’s going to be a great initiative to choose the option of playing the games on software like that. Every other gamer is a tricky person and always looks for shortcuts to find their goal and destinations.

You’ve to follow the same criteria and use a qualitative HDMI cable which is great for the extra fast connections and protects your laptop from any damage. I hope you understand all the Guidance or information above and don’t face any problem using that. Assume you have any queries or questions about the topic; comment below to ask.


Can you HDMI a Playstation to a laptop?

You can connect your PS4 to your laptop via HDMI cable, video capture cards, or Remote Play.

Can laptop be used as TV display?

Cables are used to connect your laptop and TV. Even if you don’t own a smart TV, you can still connect your computer to it using an HDMI cable. You can mirror your screen or use it as a dual-monitor setup.

Can you play your PlayStation through a laptop?

Remote Play on PC and Mac: How to get started. You can use the PS Remote Play app to control your PlayStation(r),5 or PlayStation(r),4 consoles from a PC or Mac that is connected to a high speed network. Make sure your Mac or PC meets these requirements before you start setting up Remote Play.

What is the HDMI port on my laptop for?

HDMI is a way to connect any audio/video source (such as a set top box, DVD player or receiver) and an audio and/or visual monitor (such as a digital TV) over one cable. HDMI supports standard, enhanced or high-definition video as well as multi-channel digital sound on one cable.

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