How To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger? [7 Methods]

How To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger?

It would be odd to take a laptop and charge it up without a charger. However, you may find yourself in a critical situation where it is beneficial. If your laptop’s charger is broken, you’ve misplaced it or forgot to pack it while traveling.

As a laptop is electrical equipment, it needs the power to operate. In the end, it doesn’t matter where the power originates from. There are many methods to power the laptop, so you don’t need an external charger to keep it charged. If you don’t have a laptop charger, you may begin to question the value of your laptop.

A laptop that can operate for 17 hours straight could be a dream come true, but you’ll still be in the same position if your battery dies. There are few options for charging a laptop without its charger, even as computer technology advances. However, you may do a few strategies to keep your laptop running at full capacity. This article will show you some different methods and techniques for charging your laptop without a charger.

Charging laptop battery externally

Charging your laptop using anything other than the original equipment manufacturer’s charger is not recommended. You may always get a new charger from them if you are broken. The techniques listed below will allow you to charge your laptop without a charger if your charger is working well and you have other problems.

Charge your laptop using USB type- C

If your laptop is one of the rare with a USB-type C port, you’re good to go. Only data transmission and power output are possible using the USB type-A connector. Data transfer speeds have increased, and power input and output have been enabled with USB type-C and, more critically, type-C.

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A USB C power adaptor is another option. If you don’t already have one, you may pick one up and a high-quality USB C to USB C cable, which is included in many modern computers.

Charge your laptop using a power bank

Even if you may not have the original charger with you, you could be capable of charging your laptop using one of its USB Type-C ports, based on the model. Unfortunately, you can’t always locate a source of energy while traveling. A power bank is an ideal solution when you’re on the go but don’t want to give up your favorite technology. A power bank may recharge your laptop, even though most people use it to charge their phones or Bluetooth gadgets.

However, your computer must be provided with a USB-C connector to use this approach. It’s also worth noting that most power banks have a maximum output of 5V, which is plenty to charge most items, but not your laptop. In other words, check to see whether the voltage needed for your laptop matches what you have.

Here’s how to use a power bank to recharge your laptop:

  • Plug up your power bank using either the Type A or C connection, depending on the model.
  • Your laptop’s Type-C port should be plugged in.

It is possible to finish or preserve your work with the help of a power bank. However, if you want to charge your laptop to its maximum capacity, you may choose one with a bigger capacity. Anker’s PowerCore power bank is a wonderful option for charging your laptop since it can provide around 20volts of electricity.

How to charge computer in car?

How To Charge Computer In Car

your laptop may need to be recharged while on the road if you’re always going. To use standard wall chargers, you need access to a power outlet. Fortunately, you can utilize your car’s battery to recharge your laptop.

The most frequent method for charging your laptop from your automobile battery without a charger is to use a power inverter. You can connect a power inverter to your car’s cigarette lighter socket for easy use. A constant output of 300 watts is more than enough for your laptop. The drawback of this process is that it requires the installation of a large gadget under your vehicle. Despite the flaws, this alternative is essential because it’s so simple to apply. An additional problem with this solution is that laptops do not come equipped with a built-in voltage regulator.

Built-in voltage regulators are standard on most car-friendly electronics. On the other hand, laptops rely on their own AC adaptors to regulate the charging process, making it difficult to charge your automobile using your car batteries.

Use a “universal power adapter” to charge your laptop

Think about an older laptop that doesn’t have a working charger. Were your chargers ever to fail on you? What’s the state of your laptop now?

A universal adapter could be the best solution in this case. If you’re looking for an AC/DC converter with a selection of replaceable tips, these are the ones for you! Individual tips may be purchased to replace those lost if you’re likely to lose items.

Many of these devices can even be plugged into your car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter, completely portable. In the same way, your laptop’s power supply works, universal adapters do the same. Additionally, they may be used to charge your laptop while charging. You’ll want to exercise caution. Your system might overheat and fail if you increase the voltage or ampere too much.

Use a powerful battery to charge your laptop

Use A Powerful Battery To Charge Your Laptop
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It’s as if you have a backup battery for your laptop with super batteries. They come with different charging cables and can be used to replace your laptop battery.

You can select from the one with a suitable size that fits your laptop. Brand-specific devices may not work if they are not specifically designed to work with your laptop. Given its inefficiency, it’s safe to assume that this method should only be used in emergencies.

Through external chargeable battery

An external rechargeable battery may be used to power your laptop if the charging port on your laptop is broken. Charging laptop battery externally using this battery does not need a connection to a laptop to recharge.

In a power outage, the external battery may serve as a standby power supply for your laptop. Confirm the product’s model number of your laptop before buying a battery that may be recharged outside. Make sure it works with your laptop before you purchase one.

Have a second battery on the hand

Many laptop manufacturers provide replacement components for their products. Get an additional battery for your laptop if you’ll be apart from a power supply for an extended period. This is a reasonably simple solution to ensure that your laptop has enough charging while you are gone.

An external electrical charger may make charging your backup battery a breeze. Using an external battery charger is as simple as plugging it into the power and inserting your laptop’s battery When utilizing this charger, you may concurrently charge your laptop’s extra battery and laptop.

But laptop manufacturers have also created brand-specific external chargers. if you decide to purchase an external charger, you should confirm that it is suitable for your laptop before making your purchase.

Use your smartphone

This procedure is often used only in extreme circumstances. Most cell phones can function as power banks that can provide your laptop with electricity. For understandable reasons, your smartphone will not be able to power your laptop for a long amount of time.

Even if you completely drain your laptop’s battery, you’ll only be able to use it for around 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of battery life is traded for a dead mobile phone battery.

Is it safe to charge your laptop without its original charger?

Using multiple ways to charge your laptop might damage the battery if you don’t know what you do. Check that the voltage and power meet the requirements of the laptop charger before you use it. You must always use the actual charger or a certified substitute to power your laptop.

Final thoughts

It’s certainly possible to charge your laptop without a charger using one of the techniques above but preserve in mind that it will cost you expenses and need you to make an extra purchase.

If you have a laptop, you should always get a laptop charger. Hopefully, you were able to use some of these options. Feel free to ask any queries in the space provided below, and we’ll do our best to answer them.


Can I charge my laptop with my phone?

You will first need a USB Type C to USB Type C cable. Next, connect your smartphone to your computer and locate your phone’s USB settings. This will vary depending on whether your phone is running Android or iOS. You will need to choose the power option.

Is there another way to charge a laptop?

A power bank is one of the most efficient ways to charge your laptop. A power bank is a portable, battery-powered charger for your laptop. Simply connect the power bank directly to your laptop. Power banks are great because they don’t require you to plug them into an outlet.

Which monitor can charge laptop?

USB monitors can charge a laptop and transfer video and data using the same cable. This reduces cable clutter.

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