Free Master’s Degree Online In 2023

Free Master's Degree Online

If prospective students conduct the school search to find free master’s degree online, they might or might not be able to find programs that are free. This is due to the fact that specific fields, like computer science, liberal arts as well as business management, could offer more free courses, but other disciplines might not. 

Additionally, institutions that offer degrees that are flexible, reliable partner programs, as well as online courses are bound to offer more choices of free options as opposed to those that don’t. If you are looking for a no-cost master level degree online students must look for the quality of their education and rankings for schools. In addition, it is advised to pick an accredited school or program in order to secure better work and higher salaries following the completion of.

These are the universities that provide accredited and free master’s level degree programs online:

University of the people

University of People is the very first online free master university to provide no tuition fees to all students without the usual requirements of academic performance. Students are required to have to pay a fee of $60 for application and $240 for each class as an evaluation charge upon the completion of their course. Scholarships are also able to pay for these fees for students with a demonstrated need as well. It must be noted that the conditions are also favorable.

Graduate students do not have to pay tuitionfees, annual enrollment fees , or technology costs. The tuition free arrangement is made possible by the fact that UoPeople has an abundance of supporters and partnerships, many of whom are major corporations and associations. Their contributions as well as other arrangements help to cover the tuition costs and other waived fees.

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The master level of Business Administration (MBA) program is fifteen months to complete the program, with an estimated payment of $2,940 in its entirety. Its free master’s level of Education (MEd) in Advanced Teaching online degree can be obtained in just 17 months and each student is responsible for total costs of $3,180.

Curtis institute of music

All students receive full tuition, merit-based scholarships, regardless of financial needs, so there is no additional financial aid application required. Graduate students were awarded $58,535 worth of tuition-free for the year 2020-2021 and this was enough to cover their education costs. The merit-based scholarships can be renewed each year based on the student’s graduation from graduate programs.

Curtis also offers students who have identified financial need to help them pay for their living costs. The financial aid that is based on need has distinct application forms which is intended to replace the loan program. The students who are awarded the aid are less likely to being in debt due to student loans, with the majority of students (92 percent) getting the need-based financial aid.

With just 175 students Curtis is able to maintain its generous scholarship policies however, this is also true that admission to its graduate programs is extremely selective. Students are able to benefit from individual attention and hands-on instruction given by staff and faculty members. The two-year online, 10-hour semester master level of Music program attracts talented musicians who have a variety of education, intense coaching, along with studio instruction.

Massachusetts institute of technology

A master level degree at MIT can be costly the current tuition is $27,755 for each term. But it’s feasible to reach your goals! MIT offers students from families with less than $90,000 per year in income to get their degrees online for free, because of grants, scholarships and work-study agreements.

Students who are enrolled in master level degrees in engineering and sciences are eligible to apply for research grants, teaching fellowships and scholarships, which means their master level degrees are tuition-free! The tuition and any other fees applicable to the program are billed on these financial aid forms. 

Be aware it is important to note that MBA student are at Sloan School pay the full tuition. However, getting their money back is possible through management consulting jobs, and even the signing bonus that is intended to be used to pay tuition.

Master level degree programs that are covered by financial aid cover nuclear engineering and science chemical engineering, aeronautics, and astronautics. Each department has its own policies on financial aid, therefore make sure to check first.

Stanford university

Stanford’s graduate school tuition is among the more expensive , with over $60,000 for a master level degree, which is required to be earned within five years from the date of your first enrollment. However, Stanford can also make it possible for worthy students to obtain an advanced degree, without paying the full tuition! Scholarships, grants, and fellowships are just a few of those “free money” that Stanford provides to help worthy students complete their studies without a burdensome student loan.

Students are advised to check with their academic department regarding the array available financial aid choices that are available. There are enough funds available to cover most or all of the costs associated with their education. However, if this isn’t possible students should consult the Financial Aid Office for possible loan options for education.

Stanford’s master level degrees available online free master include Aeronautics and Astronautics, Applied Physics, Biomedical Informatics, and Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Columbia university

Columbia offers master level degrees online in a range of disciplines that range from African-American Studies, Anthropology, and Art History and Archaeology to Biotechnology and Climate and Society. Full-time students pay $14.088 per period of tuition, which means it isn’t easy for students who have limited funds to pay for their graduate education.

It’s possible to pay for their education with no overwhelming student loans with other fellowships or research match funds, or work-study programs which result in free tuition. Private and federal loans can be considered as a way as a way to bridge the gap. Certain programs have limited fellowships and merit-based awards however they can be useful for obtaining substantial tuition reductions.

Weill Cornell medicine graduate school of medical sciences

The Ph.D./MBA Dual Degree Program is a partnership that is a collaboration between Weill Cornell and Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management. Students must meet all Ph.D. degree requirements by April 30, and then transfer into The Johnson School of Management in May. 

The MBA program is accelerated. MBA program is an end-of-year deadline of 12 months, and students who complete the dual degree programs take on positions of leadership in medical science related firms.

The greatest thing about it is that you can make it free! Every two years (alternating years) two graduate students are awarded a full tuition scholarship that will result in tuition free for the students. The students who receive the scholarship will receive their tuition for the Accelerated MBA funded through the scholarship, thanks to Charles R.

Lee and the Lee Family Foundation. An essay of 500 words is required for applicants. This essay should highlight the reason to enroll in this dual-degree program as well as goals after graduation.

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

The emphasis must be placed on the fact that UNC has no zero-tuition plan, however, graduate students can benefit from substantial tuition savings thanks to the vast array of financial aid options that are available. Additionally, Chapel Hill is considered one of the most liveable colleges in terms of costs of living are an issue!

Graduate students may also request a stipend through fellowships and assistantships in addition to the grants and scholarships. Financial aid comes with specific conditions and terms that include recommendations from faculty as well as academic progress and a demonstrated financial need. 

There are two kinds of stipends that are separate from each other – first the service stipends demand recipients to perform a certain amount of work. The other is the non-service stipend with no working conditions. Students who are eligible can receive both kinds, too.

UNC’s impressive range of fellowship and scholarship programs include the Royster Society of Fellows, Weiss Urban Livability Fellowship Program, and master level Merit Fellowship/Assistantship. Check out the North Carolina Excellence Fellowship and Native American Incentive Fellowship. More information is available on the Graduate Funding Information Center.

The areas of study for the master level program include Studio Art, City and Regional Planning Education and clinical Rehabilitation as well as Mental Health Counseling, as well as Toxicology.

Arizona State university

Arizona State University

Arizona residents pay a lower tuition rate for graduate students ($11,720) as compared to non-residents ($23,544) for ASU’s master level degree program. In addition, these rates are reasonable, yet they provide the highest quality of education! However, ASU continues to offer its students in graduate school with the opportunity of tuition reductions, to the point that they can earn their degrees at no cost.

Students have to be nominated to be considered for the fellowships, awards, and grants offered by Graduate programs (i.e. they cannot apply directly). These options for financial aid are available for merit-based and need-based cash provided by is provided by the Graduate College runs and funds.

Students can seek external funding including The Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) and the Gastwirth Graduate Student Loan Program. There are other options, including The ASU’s distinguished graduate fellowships AAUW American Fellowships ($20,000 for the year) as well as Ford Foundation Fellowships (tuition waiver, and a $24,000 annual salary for three years).

ASU offers online master level program that focus on Architecture and Construction, Arts, Engineering and Technology, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Texas A&M university

TAMU is ranked one of the top universities of the Best in Texas in Texas by Money Magazine and the Best Bang for the Buck by Washington Monthly. In reality, with low costs excellent academics, exceptional academics, and strong job prospects for graduates, its inclusion on the list is not unjustified! TAMU is also determined to give graduate students financial aid options that eliminate the financial barriers to higher education.

The options for financial aid include work-study, grants, and scholarships agreements that make earning master level degrees tuition-free. There are three grants available: the Federal TEACH Grant, Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) and Texas Aggie Graduate Grant (TAGG) are one of the most well-known since they offer generous amounts of money. TAMU only has one scholarship application, which means that applicants’ applications will be reviewed in a way that covers the various financial aid options.

Fellowship packages could include money for tuition, fees and insurance , and range from $1,000 and $30,000+ , along with additional perks. Teaching assistantships and graduate assistantships are also available with salary that are paid bi-weekly or on a monthly basis in addition to fringe benefits.

The master level degree programs at TAMU cover the areas of Agricultural Development, Biological and Agricultural Engineering and Recreation and Youth Development, to mention just a few.

Rice university

Rice Online Learning is a world leader in online post-secondary education that emphasizes quality education, hands-on, experiential learning, and innovative methods. The current master level degree range that is available online includes data science, computer science, administration of business as well as the areas of engineering leadership and management. These programs share the identical curriculum, requirements for degree and faculty members that they have in their counterparts on campus.

The master level of Science in Computer Science program is notable due to the merit-based scholarship that awards of up to $10,000 per winner. Additionally, students benefit from flexibility of self-paced, self-paced courses with weekly live classes and lectures.

Graduate students who are eligible can request stipends up to $40,000 per year that can be used to pay for living expenses or other expenses that are not related to education costs. The recipients also receive a full tuition scholarship, which means that their education at the graduate level is completely free!

Students in the continuing education program who have completed 10 semesters will be eligible for tuition reductions. Veterans and active military personnel are eligible to apply for advantages under Post-9/11 GI Bill, which provides the support for tuition as well as a book and supply allowance.

University of Lowa

University Of Lowa
Source: insidehighered

Graduate College offers assistantships and scholarships to students who are able to enjoy significant tuition reductions. Assistantships are open to students from out-of-state as well as in-state They include tuition reduction as well as health as well as salary benefits. 

Scholarships can also reduce the expense of attending college and include scholarships like the American College Testing (ACT) award being the most sought-after with its $23,000 annual the stipend and the full tuition waiver are intended for full-time college students who are from populations that are underrepresented.

Iowa lets its students online to take part for four hours per semester of on-campus classes. master level degree courses offered online include Business Administration (MBA), Educational Leadership, Library and Information Science as well as Nursing.

Boston university

The BU’s tuition is competitive and enhanced by its comprehensive financial aid policies. Each BU student is offered financial aid, though it’s provided in different amount. A lot of free master’s level programs provide partial scholarships online, and tuition reimbursement is an option that BU employees can enjoy.

Students need to complete the FAFSA as well as other forms the office for financial aid may suggest. This will open possibility of federal, state and institution financial aid. It is important to know that the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences offers merit-based scholarship opportunities for first-year master level students as well as jobs on campus. In addition, the Office of Graduate Affairs maintains an inventory of BU fellowships as well as other funding sources.

Of the fellowships among them, one of them is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellowship. Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellowship is the most sought-after since it offers full-time full-time college tuition as well as an annual stipend of $23,340 and the primary insurance for health. There are also fellowships like the Clare Boothe Luce Fellowship, William V. Shannon Memorial Fellowship along with the African Studies Fellowship are other fellowships.

The master level degree programs offered by BU on the internet are in Applied Business Analytics, Applied Data Analytics, Curriculum & Teaching, and more.

University at Buffalo

The Graduate School of Education offers qualified students with a variety of financial aid opportunities, including scholarships that pay for tuition as well as transportation allowances as well as Stipends. Graduate students first need to complete the FAFSA to allow the financial aid application to be taken into consideration. 

This is due to the fact that the FAFSA gathers personal data that includes family income. This information is that is used to determine eligibility for federal aid. It’s used to fill out institutional aid applications.

Assistantship and fellowship programs are also available and they are open to students who are looking to fund their postgraduate education with minimal to no debt. Examples include Arthur A. Schomburg Graduate Fellowship Program, master level -in-Education Teacher Incentive Scholarship Program, and Taher and Myra Razik International Fellowship. There are also financial opportunities for active military personnel, and students who are enrolled in the information science program.

The free master’s degree online offered by UB consist of Educational Psychology and Quantitative Methods, Information and Library Science, Rehabilitation Counseling, and School librarianship.

University of Minnesota

The funding packages for graduate students are typically derived through teaching and research assistantships or fellowships, grants as well as loans. Graduate assistantships can pay for the majority of costs of tuition and fees that are mandatory however, the assistants must be employed for at least 98 hours each semester.

Graduate students seeking an affordable tuition assistance ought to consider The Diversity of Views and Experiences program. Students who qualify for the program receive tuition support of up to fourteen hours of credit per semester , in addition to that $25,000 (maximum) amount of stipend. Dental and health insurance as well as travel assistance are all included in the package. There are only 15 fellowships available.

Students online get the same level of instruction as students on campus but their degrees do not reflect the online institution. Free master’s level degree programs are completely online. The number of credits offered ranges between 31 and 52 credits. Programs are focused on Public Health Administration, Applied Child and Adolescent Development, Business Administration, and many other areas.

Loyola university of chicago

LUC’s commitment to the principles of social justice and fairness are evident in the graduate students their highly competitive budgets for financial aid. Because the financial aid eliminates financial burdens for graduate students, they can enjoy an enhanced educational experience especially with the extensive service for student assistance.

Graduate assistantships are highly sought-after due to their benefits that are competitive that include Stipends for tuition, reimbursement of expenses, and travel prizes. The total cost of the full-time assistantship for a graduate is approximately $50,000 annually! Graduate assistants also flourish due to the opportunities for professional development offered by LUC. Fellowships also offer tuition reimbursement as well as stipends, health insurance and stipends without the expense of services.

Information Technology, Pastoral Studies, Bioethics and Health Policy as well as Public Service Leadership are among the areas of study offered in the free master’s degree online choices.

University of Miami

UOnline guarantees that its students do not pay the full amount and offers 50% discount occurring frequently due to the variety of financial aid programs. All graduate students are eligible for merit-based scholarships too and matriculation is the most important requirement for eligibility. The FAFSA is mandatory for all students, as well as it is the foundation for federal and state and institutional aid.

Students have the option of choosing from a range of master level degrees with tuition reductions that range between 27% and 50%, and include Applied Learning Sciences, Education Sports Administration as well as Live Entertainment Management. Alumni and employees of the university may also apply for scholarships based on affinity that will lower their tuition costs.

UOnline also accepts veterans and active military personnel by offering specifically designed financial aid options for veterans and active military. Its Yellow Ribbon Program awards veterans with scholarships that are match by the Veterans’ Affairs Department, in addition being those who are eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty and

Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve Survivors and Dependents’ Educational Assistance programs.

Students can apply for fellowships, with financial aid ranging from $23,000 to $40,000 . This is for a period of two years. UOnline helps students to pay for their tuition with simple installment plans.

University of Georgia

The majority of online courses offered at UGA are offered with the similar tuition structure for state as well as out-of-state students in addition to the fact that UGA’s tuition is among least expensive in state. Students may be granted restricted graduate scholarships from their institutions that are supplemented by grants and external scholarships.

UGA is open to corporate assistance for tuition costs, like tuition help and reimbursement. Military personnel on active duty and veterans as well as their spouses with a qualifying status and dependents are eligible for military tuition aid. Contact your employer. Federal aid is an important reason why the UGA master level degree could be completed virtually free of charge!

UGA’s online master level degree programs are in Business Administration with concentrations in marketing, agriculture business, and supply chain management; Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Management; and Early Childhood Education, and many others.

University of North Dakota

The UND’s Scholarship Central is the hub of scholarship opportunities and recognized at the university. By filling out the general Application with all of your exact and correct personal information will lead to automatic match-ups for scholarships. UND uses an “pool and match” system in which students are placed in a scholarship program according to the purpose of the programs and the applicable laws.

Students must also apply for federal aid through FAFSA that is used for determining the eligibility of state aid programs. Scholarship programs can also make use of the FAFSA, however they may require additional documents and place conditions, including an academic record that is satisfactory.

UND also offers limited financial assistance by way of The Angel Fund, an emergency fund for students experiencing crises and in emergencies. In addition, the Open Door Scholarship program awards an unrestricted financial aid to students facing financial difficulties as a result of unavoidable situations. UND also offers its employees as well as their relatives with tuition reimbursements.

Accountancy, Applied Statistics, and Athletic Training are just a few of the areas of study offered by the free online master’s level degree programs offered by UND.

Southern New Hampshire university

SNHU helps students attain academic success, mostly in the process of earning their degree. The free master’s degree online programs include offered in Accounting, Applied Economics, Criminal Justice, Curriculum & Instruction, and many other. Although SNHU is a non-profit private institution, its affordable costs of tuition are a result of the 10 years-long tuition suspension.

Students can cut down on their tuition costs by applying for federal aid through FAFSA as well as applying for scholarships from outside. SNHU also allows the transfer of credits, which is a method to reduce tuition costs using your prior knowledge. The maximum number of credits that can be transferred, which is more than $7,000 in savings on tuition. As much as 30% tuition discounts is also offered to military personnel and their spouses.

University of Texas at Austin

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid offers students the best possible opportunities for funding their graduate education within the University of Texas. Naturally, UT Austin has one of the least expensive tuition costs among schools of public education within Texas in addition to an affordable tuition rate compared to famous institutions of higher education across the United States. 

When the reasonable cost of tuition, as well as the financial aid opportunities are paired with financial aid, you could get your master level degree almost completely no cost!

FAFSA is the most popular option because federal aid is typically the most accessible to get. Students cover the gap by obtaining grants and scholarships, for example, grants like the Texas Public Education Grant and the UT Grant. Individual awards differ in amount, but can be up to $10,000 for the entire year. Exemptions and waivers for fellows and graduate assistants are common.

The master’s degree online offered by UT Austin’s programs include Creative Writing, Nursing Administration, Spanish Translation & Interpreting as well as Kinesiology and many more.

Plan ahead

You should plan well in advance in case you are planning to pursue graduate studies. If you’re planning to enroll in the following year You should begin planning when you are still in the junior year of your college. 

You’ll have plenty of time to select the area of your specialization and to meet the admission requirements and then be a highly competitive candidate. Your decision to enroll in a bachelor-to-doctorate program also means you have to hit the ground running as early as your junior year!

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