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Electrocution Lawyer

Electrocution is a typical danger at work sites and is among the most common reasons why employees are killed while on their job. There are often multiple events happening at the construction site at the same moment, and there is always electricity on the site while other work is happening. The Electrocution of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyer LLC Rosenfeld Electrocution Injury Lawyer LLC law group have years of experience and are able to assist their clients to file legal claims to obtain compensation for electrocution and electric shock damages. 

Contact us for complimentary consultations with one of our Chicago injury Electrocution now! The risk is Electrocution to workers on the location. Electrocution is a serious injury that, even if it’s not fatal, could cause serious and lasting damage. In many instances electrocution can occur due to the employer did something wrong or has did not follow a law. If that occurs the loved ones who have been injured could have recourse legal against the party accountable for your injuries in the way of financial compensation.

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A majority of us are exposed electrical currents through the use of common appliances and work tasks that require being exposed to electric currents. Although we all accept electrical currents as a part of our lives every day however, we must recognize the potential dangers that it can pose in the absence of proper protection.

Electric shocks can result in severe injuries, and in extreme cases, could be fatal. In the event of a serious incident, Electrocution injuries can require immediate medical attention and also an absence from work, continuous rehabilitation, and treatment.

The reason behind an electric shock is an important consideration when determining the best option in legal recourse. If you or someone close to you was injured by electricity at work, or on another property owned by another party or because of an unsafe appliance or circuit at home, you could be qualified for compensation. A Electrocution Lawyer from our firm will help you determine the eligibility requirements to claim an claim for personal injuries, product liability or wrongful death lawsuit for electrocution.

Types of electrical injuries

The risk of injury to the electrical system is when a person has to be exposed and/or high voltage electrical supply. The risks posed by the electrical shock could depend on the level of voltage and the type of electrical current, the duration of exposure, as well as the general health condition of the person who was subjected to the injury.

The types of electrical injuries are:

  • Flash-related injuries: These are fast and intense shocks which may cause minor burns, but don’t involve the actual movement of an electrical current beyond the skin.
  • lightning injuries: The term “lightning” refers to intense, high-voltage shocks that happen due to contact with lightning. They are identified by an electrical current that flows through the body.
  • Burns: Flame injuries occur when clothing of an individual has caught the fire due to exposure to an electrical source. This could or might not be caused by an electrical current flowing across the body.
  • “True” damage: True injuries occur when an individual is part the electrical system that results in visible entry and exit points to the circuit. The potential for these injuries is to cause harm to nearly all organ systems.

Many different impacts and outcomes can occur due to being in contact with an electric current. High- and low-voltage shocks could result in seizures, loss of consciousness burning, death or even death depending on the length of time an individual is exposed the current as well as other variables.

While the term “electrocution” can be used to refer to electric shock, the term Electrocution Lawyer typically is a reference to fatal electrical injuries however non-fatal injuries could be described more accurately in terms of electrical injuries.

Consequences of electrical injuries

Electrocution injuries account for a majority approximately five percent of burn unit admissions every year and result in about 1,000 deaths of the 3000 total injuries. The most immediate results from suffering the effects of an electric injury is physical, people are also susceptible to financial consequences as well as cognitive consequences due to brain trauma.

Health consequences

Electric shocks can cause a variety of risks to your body, causing severe and possibly long-lasting consequences, based on the nature of the event. According to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) According to the OSHA, burns are the most frequently reported injuries resulting from electrical shocks.

Additional health effects of electrical shocks can include:

  • Pain
  • The sensation of tingling is uncomfortable.
  • Apathy
  • Muscle weakness
  • trouble getting limbs moving
  • seizures
  • trouble breathing
  • confusion
  • organ damage
  • cardiac arrest
  • loss of consciousness
  • Death

With the proper treatment These health issues can increase over time, depending on the extent of the injury as well as other elements. Some may suffer from disabilities, disfigurement or other chronic conditions. The effects of suffering an electrical shock can get worse, which is why it’s important to keep your health checked according to the recommendations of your physician.

Financial consequences

Electrocution can cause problems that extend beyond the health of a person. People who sustain electrical injuries might not be able to perform their job for a duration. According to a study conducted by the National Fire Protection Association, more than 25 percent of those who sustained electrical injuries in five years had to take at least 31 days off.

Certain workers who have to leave work in order to attend to their injuries may not be able to count on an accommodating boss especially when the worker is an independent contractor who is exempt from certain benefits for employees. If an injury demands prolonged absence from work the victim could be unable to work and, in the event of permanent or temporary disability losing earning capacity.

Additional financial consequences of electrical injury are:

  • Medical emergency care
  • Medical expenses that continue to accrue
  • medicine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Financial support was cut off (following the death of a victim)

Fatal Electrical Injuries

Although non-fatal Electrocution constitute the largest portion of the electrical injuries that happen within the United States, an estimated 1,000 deaths happen within the U.S. each year as the result of Electrocution Lawyer. The high-voltage and low-voltage shocks can cause death if they are severe or not properly treated.

What to do if someone has been electrocuted?

Based on the Mayo Clinic, the first thing you must do when anyone you’ve known has been struck by the effects of an electrical shock, is to switch off the cause of shock in the event that it is it is. Don’t attempt to move someone who has suffered an Electrocution injury unless they’re immediately in danger. Some electric shocks do not require medical attention immediately however, consulting a doctor whenever possible is highly advised.

Contact 911 for urgent medical assistance if the person has one of these symptoms:

  • confusion
  • loss of consciousness
  • severe burns
  • seizure
  • Muscle pains and contractions
  • cardiac problems (e.g. heart arrhythmias, cardiac arrest)
  • difficulties breathing

If you don’t take immediate medical care be sure to cover any burns that result from your electric shock. Make use of sterile gauze or clean cloth depending on the items you have in your possession.

After you have removed yourself or the person who was injured away from imminent danger the next steps will depend on the location and how the electrical shock took place, like at home or at the workplace. The location where an injury occurs and the manner in which it happens are crucial in determining the extent of liability for an electrical injury as well as the possibilities to pursue legal recourse.

How much is my electrocution injury case worth?

How Much Is My Electrocution Injury Case Worth
Source: florinroebig

There are many aspects which contribute to the worth of your Electrocution case , such as medical bills, loss of income medical treatment as well as pain and disability (only be sure to mention them if they are not listed in the previous paragraphs) these cases hopefully provide you with a glimpse into the way these cases are evaluated in the eyes of juries, attorneys, and insurance companies.

Although these cases may be instructive, they shouldn’t be conclusive when assessing the particular circumstances. Here are some examples of settlements and jury verdicts in the most serious injury cases.

Electric shock plaintiff verdict for $473,295 in virginia (2018)

The plaintiff was installing equipment at the job site with an stud welder. The welder was hooked up to a power source , however it was shut off. The employee had to move the welder’s stud just a few feet and then pick it up and threw the welding device.

In the process the welder, he was hit with a powerful electrical shock. He was capable of quickly removing his hands off the welding. The plaintiff became unconscious in the accident and sustained permanent injuries as a result of the electrical shock. The Electrocution Lawyer argued that the defendant had failed to properly power up the stud welder.

Electric injuries settlement for $6.225 million in california (2018)

The plaintiff was employed as an Electrocution at the waste-to-energy plant. He was charged with getting rid of a contact 2400 volt starter from the cubicle so it could be maintained. As he attempted to remove the starter there was an arc flash explosion.

The plaintiff was struck by electrical burns along with a severe brain injury. The electrocution representing the plaintiff’s Electrocution sued employers for negligent conduct, as well as the maker of the contact opener, for products liability claims. In the end, both defendants are to be 75 percent responsible in total, and the case was settled during the damages portion of the trial.

Electric injuries plaintiff verdict to $12.25 millions within california (2018)

It was a wrongful-death lawsuit. The deceased was putting the table at a swap meeting organized by defendant. A tent pole hit the power line that was above which caused severe injuries and death. The wife of the deceased was present and sustained severe injuries to her own, as well as emotional stress from both injuries as well as the experience of witnessing the death of her husband.

The electrocution attorney who filed the fatal injury claim claimed that power lines that ran above were unsafe and uninsulated, and that those living in the area should not be allowed to utilize space directly under the electricity lines.

Electrician injuries settlement for $500,000 in pennsylvania (2018)

The victim was employed as an electrician in the school of elementary. The electrician was building a brand new lighting fixture and working in a ductwork area when the light fixture came in proximity to a hot wire which wasn’t turned off the way it should be. He was shocked to death by Electrocution.

The legal argument made by the electrocution lawyer argued that the premises were dangerous as well as that the company had failed to comply with OSHA safety rules. The legal claim also claimed that the premises ought to have been secured but it was not.

Plaintiff award for $8,615,127 in new york (2018)

A plaintiff worked on an unsecure ladder in a home renovation project. The ladder moved which caused the victim to fall onto the balcony. He reached for the ladder and struck the wire with high tension which was nearby.

The plaintiff was seriously injured and was afflicted with the paralysis of his hand that is not dominant and partial paralysis of his other leg. The suit claimed that plaintiff’s injuries are likely to get worse. The plaintiff brought suit against his employer and his home depot Home Depot, which provided him with the ladder that moved.

Plaintiff verdict for $500,000 in pennsylvania (2017)

The plaintiff was doing the masonry work for an improvement project for his home. He was standing on the ground, next to an elevated ladder when the current of an overhead power line travelled across the entire ladder. The current travelled through his arms as well as his legs.

He was unable to use his feet due to his injuries. He now has a permanent limp. The suit asserted that the utility company permitted the power line to hang too low, and also failed to examine the power line properly. The plaintiff was partially at fault of his injuries as a result of using the ladder in an incorrect standing position.

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