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Dog Injury Lawyers

Lawyer Ali Awad, the CEO and dog injury lawyers, is familiar with the legal nuances and pitfalls of any dog bite case. Man’s best friend could turn into their biggest enemy within the flash of an eye. If a pet’s owner fails to properly manage their pet, keep it from running away or, at the very least, alert others to the harm that the pet may cause, they may be held accountable for the costs of medical treatment as well as other losses.

Dog bites are medical emergencies in a lot of instances. In the average, cases of dog bites within the U.S. led to $50,425 in total recoverable damage in 2020 as per Insurance Information Institute. Insurance Information Institute. This represents an increase of 12% from the year before even though there was the 4.6 percent decrease in the number of dog injury cases in general.

Our firm has handled hundreds of cases for our clients. We have a track record of obtaining huge settlements to cover their injuries expenses. If you’ve been injured through a bite by a dog look to the authority that is that is trusted by hundreds of clients and millions of users via social media.

Liability in a dog bite injury

For the victims of dog bite injury one of the most crucial factors to consider when deciding on the best legal options will be the source of responsibility.

In the law of personal injury the term “liability” refers to those who are deemed to be responsible or responsible for the particular injury. It is then determined who is accountable for paying expenses resulting from the injury, for example, medical costs, pain and suffering expenses as well as emotional distress.

Terms that are crucial in understanding the liability of dog injury lawyers include:

  • Absolute liability: an option of liability which can be applied in certain situations in which the defendant is accountable for an incident that takes place regardless of the possibility that they did something to stop it.
  • Negligent: failure to use reasonable care which causes injury
  • The one bite rule: certain states within the U.S. adhere to what’s commonly referred to as the “one-bite” rule that decides the liability of a person based on whether the defendant knew that their dog may behave in a violent or harmful manner. The name of this rule is derived from the notion that the dog is allowed one bite for free, following which the dog’s owner is liable for any subsequent attacks
  • Burden of evidence: the obligation of the party or individual to supply enough evidence to back their claim

Who can be held liable for a dog bite?

The most frequent party that is found at fault in dog injury lawyers-related cases is the dog’s owner. The degree to which a dog’s owner could be held responsible for the actions of their dog can differ based on the specifics of each instance. In some states, pet owners can typically be held responsible regardless whether they were aware of their dog’s tendency attack or even become violent.

Factors that affect liability

In determining the liability of the event of a dog bite injury case isn’t identical for every circumstance. It can depend on a number of individual and geographic elements.

The most frequent aspects that impact the responsibility of dog bite injury cases are:

  • Trespassing: If you are trespassing in the case of in which you’ve received a bite from dogs on owner’s property the dog’s owner can not be held responsible for any injuries that occur because of the dog’s behaviour. However, there are some exceptions to this standard, like where the victim is younger than 6 years old.
  • Provocation: It’s possible for owners of dogs to not be held accountable in instances in which the dog has been provoked before attacking or biting the person who was injured.
  • Carelessness: Dog owners can be held accountable for injuries sustained by dogs if the bite occurred as due to recklessness or negligence. One example could be the dog owner’s failure to adhere to state or local leash laws. To establish negligence the plaintiff must demonstrate that the defendant’s inability to comply with these regulations or laws directly led to their injuries.
  • State laws: The liability laws applicable to dog bite injuries and dog attacks may differ by state. For instance for the US state Florida the strict liability laws will generally not apply to injuries caused by bites from police dogs or soldiers’ dogs. However, they may relevant in situations in which there is only damage to property, but not a bite-related injury.

If a dog’s bite victim is found to be partly at fault for the incident due to aggression or trespass, compensation for the case of a dog bite may be reduced in proportion.

Common dog bite injuries

Common Dog Bite Injuries
Source: woundcarecenters

Each dog bite injury is different The common injuries seen are:

Puncture wounds

The immediate result of a wound from a dog will be that your skin becomes punctured, which can lead to bleeding and a higher possibility of getting an infection.

Crushing injuries

Some dogs are strong jaws that can crush bones and break ligaments and tendons. The injuries could result in permanent or temporary impairment of the affected part of the.

Hand injuries

Hand injuries are among the most frequent kinds of dog injuries. These injuries can lead to swelling, infection and an inability to carry out tasks or perform everyday activities.

Facial and neck injuries

Instincts (and sometimes, training) can lead the dog to attack the neck and face on its victim. These injuries are particularly common among children. They can lead to eye injuries, facial scarring, respiratory distress, nerve damage, permanent scarring/disfigurement, and death.

Leg and foot injuries

Dogs are known to attack the feet or legs of a person who is in a distance or is trying to escape. The injured person may not be able to walk or even sustain permanent injury to tissues or muscles in the aftermath of the attack.


With their strong jaws as well as neck muscles, canines could take flesh and tear it away of the human body in just a few seconds. The victim might sustain permanent tissue or muscle damage as well as lose organs, such as fingers, toes and ears.

Nerve damage

The resulting puncture, crushing, or Avulsion injuries can result in permanent nerve injury in the affected area. The nerve damage could cause chronic pain, restricted mobility, or even paralysis. In extreme instances the affected limb could require amputation.

Rabies, tetanus, and other diseases

The secondary consequences of a dog bite injury could be worse than the initial bite. A deep bite is likely to result in tetanus infection, particularly in the event that the victim hasn’t recently had a booster dose of the tetanus vaccination. Dogs that haven’t been regularly vaccinated against rabies can cause the victim to contract rabies, seriously threatening their health and possibly causing the death. The treatment for post-bite rabies is extremely expensive and can involve uncomfortable injections right into abdomen.

Defenses you might face

The dog owner who has bit a person is likely to hire an attorney to defend them from the accusations of others. These are the most popular defenses:

  • Dog provocation
  • Trespassing
  • Assumed risk

Dog provocation is when you provoked or forced an animal to harm you. One cannot threaten animals and hope to be compensated for getting injured.

If a victim of dog bite injury is on private property or enters a residence without permission, they are not able to return and file a lawsuit for personal injuries.

Assumed risk is one the most grey areas in dog bite injury cases. If dog owners place signs warning of a dog that is dangerous it is assuming element of that risk. Walking through a dog’s park could mean getting yourself infected. Certain pet owners who are not reputable may attempt to disguise their dog as an pet that serves as a. Don’t fall for it. An experienced lawyer for dog bites can tell you the defenses pet owners can use and the best way to counter it.

Contacting a dog bite injury lawyer

The process of pursuing legal action following injuries can be difficult to do it on your own. Although you can submit a claim for dog bite injury by yourself, the best bet for finding a fair settlement is to talk to a knowledgeable lawyer who has handled personal injuries from dogs.

A part from providing legal guidance and advice in the event of a personal injury, hiring an attorney can bring many advantages for cases involving dog bites. A lawyer will negotiate a reasonable settlement amount for you by utilizing their expertise working in this field. They also have understanding of the typical settlement amount, and their negotiation abilities.

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