Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

Does Costco Install Car Batteries

Suppose your existing car battery has already begun to exhibit indicators of deterioration. The poor starts, the cranking sounds, and the battery empty sooner than intended indicate that a replacement is necessary. At this time, most drivers begin searching for the cheapest places to purchase a new battery. Costco is one of the most popular solutions for many drivers due to its high-quality inventory and fantastic prices. Does costco install car batteries for its customers? No, the well-known store does not provide battery installation to its customers. Once you purchase the battery from their shop, you must locate a mechanic to install it, or you can do it yourself (obviously, if you know how to).

Is Costco a good place to buy car batteries?

It is among the most incredible locations to purchase a car battery. Costco consistently attempts to provide the best value for its consumers by selling batteries at affordable pricing. Costco Install Car Batteries at affordable pricing but does not offer auto battery installation. It is a famous destination for petrol (if you’re a member) and most locations include tire shops, its auto services are limited to gas and tires. Since Costco Install Car Batteries, it may still be a viable alternative, provided your vehicle is in excellent enough condition to get you to the store. You can contact your local Costco to ensure it carries the correct battery size for your car.

Costco offers a limited guarantee on Interstate batteries; Costco will restore or refund a portion of the purchase price if your battery dies within the warranty term. Costco provides interstate batteries to vehicles other than automobiles, including golf carts, boats, motorbikes, and all-terrain cars. In addition, as a Costco member, you may be eligible for a 15% discount on some parts and services at non-Costco service locations that participate in Costco’s Auto Program. Moreover, Costco accepts used batteries.

Purchasing a battery from Costco, you will be charged a refundable fee. Bringing your old battery to them and allowing them to destroy or recycle it correctly will enable you to receive a refund. Costco can still assist you if you seek a repair shop to install your battery. Costco’s Auto Program is available to guide you on the correct route.

Does costco install car batteries and offer a warranty?

When you buy batteries at Costco, you do receive a limited warranty. The guarantee period may vary based on the type of battery you buy. Typically, you can receive a free replacement or complete refund if the battery dies before the end of the specified warranty period or is shown to be otherwise defective during that time frame. What usually is available depends on what happened, how long you’ve owned the battery, and the warranty terms.

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Buying a car battery online from Costco

Buying a car battery online from Costco

The first alternative is to research car batteries on the Costco webpage. On the website, there are several places where you may enter precise information about your vehicle (make, model, year, engine type, etc.).

Costco can then decide whether a car battery is available to buy at a nearby location. If there are no car batteries available at the Costco location closest to you, you can use an alternative zip code to look for the battery you need at other stores. You may be fascinated by Costco’s oil change service (which has been discontinued), battery core charging, and car leasing programs for further car-related services.

Interstate batteries that are available at Costco

Costco offers two primary varieties of Interstate batteries, including;

Standard flooded battery

Standard Flooded Batteries are the most popular form of a car battery. This sort of car battery is ideal for vehicles with basic electrical requirements. Standard Flooded Batteries are renowned for their longevity, typically lasting clients for decades.

It is primarily due to the battery’s robust circuits and free-flowing liquid architecture. In addition, this type is sealed, requiring no maintenance on the car’s owner. This design’s lack of upkeep has maintained a prominent selling point among consumers.

Usually, this is the least expensive sort of automobile battery you can buy from Costco. Nonetheless, it is assured to provide reliable starting power. This battery is also suitable for various climates. Standard Flooded Batteries have a significantly shorter lifespan when compared to more modern automobile battery technologies.

Absorbed glass mat battery

AGM batteries are among the most modern forms of car batteries. This sort of car battery was created to provide optimal performance for high-end vehicles with more significant power requirements. As stated previously, ordinary flooded batteries are more suitable for cars with standard electrical requirements.

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries excel in delivering higher starting power and increased power when the engine is off. But, these batteries are more expensive than their flooded liquid counterparts due to their improved capability.

AGM batteries typically cost twice or three times as much as their flooded counterparts. However, this cost increase may be required for drivers of automobiles that require more power. When purchasing a car battery at Costco, you are assured of fair pricing. Continue reading as we discuss Costco’s car battery prices!

Are car batteries cheaper at Costco?

Costco offers slightly more affordable car batteries than other retailers, including Walmart. Costco’s Interstate batteries scored well in expert evaluations and retail for an average of $60 to $100. It is $15 to $40 less expensive than comparable retail retailers.

Additionally, Costco adds a $15 core fee. Alternatively, you can avoid this fee by returning an old battery for recycling to Costco. Interstate batteries sold by Costco provide a complimentary replacement guarantee.

The warranty time varies depending on the purchased battery. In the event of battery failure or problems during the warranty period, a free replacement or partial refund is available. To qualify for the warranty, you must show proof of the original purchase and other information.

How good are Costco interstate batteries?

How good are costco interstate batteries

Let’s begin with the reason why Costco batteries are so popular. They are less expensive than other interstate batteries on the market. It is due to Costco’s meticulous battery selection. Additionally, they keep fewer batteries in stock (3,500 to 4,000 SKU vs. the typical 25,000 to 30,000 SKU).

Costco Interstate batteries are suitable for any weather conditions. Costco selects these batteries due to their superior performance and widespread acceptance. These batteries range from $50 and USD 100 in price.

However, this battery may incur a “core charge.” Battery cores cost $10 to $14 each. It can be recovered during battery recycling. Moreover, the warranty of the battery is a drawback. The minimum warranty period is three years. Each battery is expected to last between two and six years. In addition, Costco provides Interstate batteries compatible with a variety of RVs, cars, and trucks.

How reliable are Costco interstate batteries?

I will provide you with information without wasting your time. Standard Flooded batteries are the most prevalent form of automobile battery. They are made with robust grids and a liquid design that flows freely. There would be no need for upkeep because it is a sealed battery.

The AGM-type batteries serve to increase the vehicle’s engine power requirement. Typically, they are costly. However, you do not experience this issue with Costco. While conventional batteries tend to the engine’s electrical supply needs, the AGM battery provides the engine with maximum energy.

They include a limited replacement guarantee for thirty-six months. A battery with regular use can last up to three to five years. Therefore, the majority of your battery’s lifespan is protected. Even though other sellers provide a more extended warranty period, you must also consider affordable pricing.

Main aspects to consider in purchasing

If you are planning to get a car battery for your car, you must examine several crucial factors to ensure that you purchase the correct one. Not considering these factors will waste your time and money when buying a battery. Hence, before making a purchase, you should consider the following:

Correct dimensions and size

Automobile batteries are available in several sizes, indicating their capacities. Every vehicle requires a battery tray-compatible battery of a specific size. Check your car’s owner’s manual or visit a skilled mechanic to determine the tire size to precisely fit your vehicle.

Amount of time it can run on its own

It controls the battery’s reserve capacity, which allows it to function independently. With a large energy reserve, it will assist the batteries if the vehicle’s engine or alternator fails. Identify the amount of spare capacity necessary for your vehicle.

Required amount of power

It refers to the power necessary to start your vehicle or ignite the spark plug. Examine the Cranking Amp, the amount of energy needed at average temperatures, and the Cold Cranking Amp, which is the amount of energy necessary at low temperatures.

Available warranties

When selecting a car battery, you must also evaluate the available warranties. Choose the battery with the most extended replacement duration if possible. The consideration of warranties will protect you from incompetent car batteries and ensure that you obtain a high-quality battery.

Final thoughts

Costco is a renowned provider of inexpensive, high-quality interstate batteries. They are highly dependable and long-lasting and come with an excellent warranty. Their acquisitions are likewise intended to retain a substantial amount of value. But the only thing most people are concerned about is that Costco doesn’t offer car battery installations. Consequently, it is a car battery that should be considered.


Does Costco install automotive batteries?

The answer is no, Costco doesn’t install car batteries that they sell. Costco customers are able to purchase their car battery at a low price and take it to Costco for installation. Walmart.

How do I replace my car battery at Costco?

Even though you have purchased from Costco, Costco won’t install your car battery. The only way to get a car battery is to buy it at Costco. You can also have it installed by a mechanic. Walmart Auto Care Center, Sam’s Club and Batteries Plus are other places where you can get the battery charged.

Does Costco replace batteries for free?

Costco currently does not install or replace car batteries. Costco can however sell a car battery. Costco’s prices tend to be very affordable! You can take your Costco-purchased battery to another auto shop to have it installed.

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