Do You Need An Ethernet Cable For A Gaming PC?

Do You Need An Ethernet Cable For A Gaming PC

Gaming is a major hobby now a day for many people. But it can be costly as well due to gaming peripherals and consoles. Now a question arises what is ethernet cable? Ethernet cable is a high-speed wired connection that transmits data through a modem or router to your gaming PC. It provides better quality and guaranteed bandwidth during gaming.

It also provides faster speed for internet surfing and watching videos. An ethernet connection gives you a more stable speed than wireless. It also allows you to keep playing without any kind of interruption. These interruptions are caused by internet service providers or other connected devices to your network. An ethernet connection allows us to enjoy our favorite game without any lag or spikes. It is also less susceptible to interference than a wireless one. Now, Imagine your first game with lag and low frame rates, did you enjoy it? No, not really. Due to bad internet connections, the same bad experience happens with browsing websites and watching videos.

Is stable internet connection necessary for a gaming PC?

If you need a fast and consistent flow of data during gaming, you must have a upgrade cat 3 to cat 5 in house or stable net connection. When the network connection does not stable and secure you may face many issues like dropped packets or lag spikes. Every gamer wants to avoid these types of issues at every cost. An ethernet connection is a good idea if you are playing from home or online. ethernet cable 40 ft and data flow in only one direction so there is no collision with other devices. So it is more reliable and faster than Wi-Fi due to data transfer speed.

Do you need an ethernet cable for WiFi?

Do You Need An Ethernet Cable For WiFi

WiFi is taking the charge over the world. But WiFi has many weaknesses as well like it is an electromagnetic wave. They can be interfered with by other waves and cant pass through walls. This is the main reason of slow down and interruption of signals. On the other hand, ethernet cables are made up of copper and don’t cause delay or interruption

Ways to install an ethernet cable connection on a gaming PC?

For a Gaming PC, installing an ethernet connection is not very difficult. There are two ways to install the connection. You can install the connection by yourself it takes only 2 hours. You can hire a professional to do this task within 45 minutes.

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  • Determine the place where you install the Ethernet port
  • Purchase an Ethernet port and cat6 cable
  • Connect the cable cat6 from the modem to the port
  • Connect the cable cat6 from the router to the other side of the port
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi temporarily
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi again after finishing the process

Types of ethernet cables

The ethernet cables come in different varieties like length, type, and shape. It is rounded and flat and both these cables are more important and recommended. Some worth considering cable names are ethernet cable 40 ft, 15 ft ethernet cable, 60 ft ethernet cable, Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat8, etc. A Cat8  cable is designed for professional gaming. Cat6 cables are not better than Cat6A cables. Cat6 cables are easily found on most gaming PCs and consoles. Used Cat6 cable for heavy data transfer.

These cables are flat due to running under carpets or on walls and also going through tight spaces. For gaming, ethernet cable has various standards that are durable and highly flexible. They can move around corners and tight spaces. These cables also have nail-in clips that make them easily tuck against the baseboard. The length option is 15 ft ethernet cable, ethernet cable 40 ft, 60 ft ethernet cable. It is very hard to get the exact length of a high-speed ethernet cable.

Some reasons why we need an ethernet cable connection for gaming PC?

Some Reasons Why We Need An Ethernet Connection For Gaming PC
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As we already know that ethernet connection is the more stable and the best connection for gaming PC. It offers the most consistent and fastest speed as well. You’ll never have problems and any lag during playing games. Such smooth and consistent playing isn’t obtained from Wi-Fi connections. It doesn’t matter if the modem or router goes down ethernet won’t be affected the gaming. ethernet cable 40 ft is connecting to your device in your modem and ethernet port on the wall for proper working. Here are some reasons why we use an ethernet cable connection for gaming PC listed below:

Speed of internet increase

With an ethernet cable connection your internet speed and reliability will be more consistent for gaming PC and games, you won’t get disconnection issues and spikes in the data flow. Ethernet cable connection will provide high-quality signals and consistency to the gaming pc.

This means during playing you’ll never face any lag. For gaming PC, the speed of the internet matters a lot. Comparatively, Wi-Fi is slower than Ethernet connection. The reason is data travel through the air is more difficult and unreliable than going through a wire.

No lags

For gaming PC, there is nothing worse than connection lag even if it’s for a few seconds or so. Earlier, you won’t notice until the game locks up for a few seconds and you lose your concentration and sometimes your rewards also.

It is very frustrating and you can’t do anything even if you lose some major thing during gaming. But with an ethernet connection, you never resist this issue. An Ethernet connection plays a major role in the best possible gameplay. You won’t face any inconsistent signal from Wi-Fi and encounter dead zones due to ethernet connection

No packet loss

Packet loss may be a major problem for gamers on PC. Many issues like lag spikes and other happens due to not flowing data in the right direction always. So, now you will consider an ethernet connection for eliminating that risk. Due to an ethernet connection, you wouldn’t face packet loss because it never happens. For gaming PC, there is a guarantee to flow data smoothly from modem or router to PC. Even it doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection is.

No dead zones

Ethernet connections are considered to be superior for your gaming PC. It is more stable and offers a proper flow of data. ethernet cable 40 ft can transmit data faster and farther than Wi-Fi signals. They don’t constantly fight the finding of new networks around you.

So, this means the connection is stronger for gaming PC, no matter the distance from the router or modem. With an Ethernet connection,  during your favorite game playing, you never worry about “dead zone” and also enjoy a fast connection from a distance.

Hacking risk is reduced

There are many potential risks while online gaming but one of the biggest dangers of gaming a PC is being hijacked by someone. Hackers can hack your computers while we are playing games and they can do whatever they want with our system.

Many Gamers don’t know how to protect themselves and their PC from hackers. But with the Ethernet connection, you will be completely safe from hackers. For hacking, hackers need direct access to your Internet connection but an ethernet connection wouldn’t give any access to them. An ethernet connection is good for your network security during online gaming. Hackers use your computer as a part of a botnet even if they don’t access it physically.

No need for a password

There is a great thing about Ethernet that you don’t need a username or password to get online gaming. You simply plug your router or modem into the Ethernet port and with your PC and you are ready to play games.

The best perk of an ethernet connection is that you don’t need to worry about remembering passwords while you are playing online games. As you know there is no need for a password required so that there is no chance for anyone to hack your account.

Not shared bandwidth

For gaming PC, internet cut out is the hardest part of gaming. It is also worrying that any other device using or shares your bandwidth. It will cause many issues like lag spikes during gameplay when your bandwidth is shared with any other device. With an ethernet connection, there is no sharing of connection it’s only connected with your computer. So you remain consistent with your game.

Increased reliability

With a wired connection, there is no interference from other devices like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and you will have constant experience and connection. Your gameplay will be smoother and more flourishing and increased reliability. When you get a consistent flow of data you won’t experience leg spikes. An ethernet connection is more reliable than Wi-Fi. It is also an old standard net found since the early 80s.


For gaming PC, 60 ft ethernet cable connection is easier for extended play sessions. It will also make sure that your game is not interrupted, or dropped signals during your online game. So now what are you waiting for order your ethernet cable 40 ft today and start playing your online favorite games without any lag or delay?


Should gaming PC use Ethernet cable or WiFi?

Wi-Fi is comparable to Ethernet connections in terms both of download and upload speeds as well as latency. Wi Fi is an excellent option for playing online if you have the right ISP and a reliable modem.

Will Ethernet cable help lag?

Troubleshooting and Help. If the cursor is unable to connect or lags, it may be advisable to use an ethernet connection. It is faster, safer, and more reliable. Synergy will work more stable if you have an ethernet connection.

Do Ethernet cables increase FPS?

An Ethernet connection won’t improve your FPS. FPS is determined not by the speed of your internet connection but how well your computer runs a particular game. An Ethernet cable can improve online gaming by reducing lag.

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