Dell Monitor Remove Stand – Best Ways In 2023

Dell Monitor Remove Stand

Monitors are the most important thing to use computers. However, sometimes, we have to move our monitors. To do this you must remove the monitor’s stand. The hardest aspect is to Dell Monitor Remove Stand.

However, if you’re using the Dell monitor and you want to know how, here is the tutorial for Dell Monitor? It could be because we are moving somewhere or due to the fact that we’re cleaning. Whatever you’re doing, it’s not always easy to take down the stand.

If we try to move our monitors in a way that doesn’t properly disassemble them before transporting them, we could risk harming them. It is essential to move this Monitor as disassembled condition that is, how it arrived originally.

This way, we’ll be able to make use of the original packaging specially made to safeguard your monitor. This will protect your monitor from being tossed around in the rear of the vehicle. If you do not want to sell your monitor it is possible to resell your monitor, and then purchase an alternative. There are many Best Monitors under $100 available. You can take a look.

How to remove dell monitor from sliding stand?

Based on the model you have it is possible that you have a display that comes with the stand that slides into. If that is the case follow the directions to take it out.

  • First, shut off your Monitor.
  • Then unplug the cables, and check that there are there are no cables connected to your monitor.
  • After making sure that it’s off and all cables have been removed, grab the monitor and put it on its side in an area that is clean and soft that isn’t likely to scratch or harm the monitor.
  • Find the screw fixing this dell desktop stand.
  • The screw should be removed using the aid of a Phillips head screwdriver. It is a standard-sized screw that is taken off by rotating it counterclockwise.
  • The stand assembly should be in good working order.
  • Attach the dell desktop stand assembly and make sure that the monitor won’t fall.
  • You’ve now taken down the standing.

How to remove dell monitor from tilting stand?

The process is slightly different if you own a tilting monitor made by Dell. When you purchase tilting monitors made by Dell they come with the square mounting system. To take it off take these steps.

  • Before you do anything, turn off your Monitor.
  • Then, disconnect every cable and device connected to your monitor.
  • After you’ve made sure that all cables are unplugged and that the monitor is turned off, you can remove the display and put it flat on a soft, smooth surface that doesn’t scratch the display.
  • Then, locate the button to release the stand.
  • Hold the button and then proceed to raise the monitor towards the screen.
  • Then you can be able to see the Dell Monitor Remove Stand.

If you’d like to take the dell desktop stand apart into its basic pieces and attach the Stand riser, which is located on to the Stand base, you will need to take it off to take it off.

If you have a two-screw sliding mechanism

There is a different way to mount the Dell. It’s an articulating mechanism and two screws. If you’re looking to a Dell Monitor Remove Stand using this method you must take these actions.

  • Before proceeding, shut off the screen.
  • Unplug all cables and accessories from your monitor.
  • Check that all cables are taken off. Next, locate a soft flat surface that isn’t likely to scratch the surface.
  • Carefully place the monitor’s facing down on the smooth surface.
  • Take out from the screws two Phillips screw heads.
  • Then, secure the monitor with one hand, then tilt the stand-up, then pull it away.
  • Your Stand needs to be dissociated right now.

To take the dell desktop stand apart take a look at the top of the stand and unscrew the screw in order to remove it. Screws can be removed by using fingers.

The mount must be removed from the table

A second person to assist you during this is highly advised.

  • Switch off your monitor.
  • Remove all accessories, and disconnect and disconnect all cables.
  • Let someone else hold the monitor with the arm, while another takes the arm off the table.
  • Set the entire assembly on a smooth surface, making sure that the monitor is facing down to the floor.
  • Be aware that the entire assembly may tip over and fall over, so ensure that someone holds the table in place.
  • Then, remove all screws that are attached to and remove the screws from VESA mount.
  • Separate the arm from monitor.

How to adjust non-height-adjustable dell monitors?

How To Adjust Non-Height-Adjustable Dell Monitors
Source: rtings

Step 1

After placing your CPU onto its side on an office desk or workstation you would like to work on then place the Dell monitor for your computer over your CPU. This will give your monitor with additional height. It allows accessibility to CD drive, DVD drives and ports much easier. If your monitor remains low even after placing it on top of the CPU, place an object like a book or other that is between the processor and monitor for a bit of lift.

Step 2

If you are prone to perched on a stool in the course of working on the Dell monitor, you should consider buying the monitor stand. Monitor stands elevate the monitor off the ground and help you focus while not straining your neck. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs, including ones with keyboard tray integrated.

Step 3

Monitor stands that can be adjusted are costly. To reduce costs, you can build your own dell desktop stand from objects you have around your home. You can stack books or phone books to raise the Dell monitor’s height in the direction you prefer.

How do you open a monitor without screws?

Opening a computer without screws is actually a fairly simple procedure. First, you need to figure out where the screws should be. You then break the seams of the case with an extremely small flat-headed screwdriver. Yes you can make use of your fingernail, however it’s much easier (and more secure) by using a screwdriver instead.


When we purchase a new monitor, we would like to be sure that it is able to be able to fit on the desk we currently have. The dell desktop stand is one of the key components that support monitors. I’m aware of the difficulty of trying to take off the stand without breaking or damaging it.

The previous step is the most straightforward and simple method of removing the Dell monitor stand without trouble. If you’re having difficulties in removing the dell desktop stand be aware that I’ve described the steps needed to Dell desktop Stand from other brands that are popular.


How do I remove the stand from my Dell monitor?

To take the stand out, place a cushion or a mat on the table edge and place the monitor there with the display facing downwards. To access the Stand release button, press the stand down. To release the latch, use a long screwdriver.

How do you take the stand off a Dell 27 monitor?

Hold the stand release button. Stand up and lift the stand away from the monitor. Do not place the LCD monitor on any hard surface to prevent scratching.

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