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Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

Dallas attorneys for 18 wheeler dallas truck accident, Kraft & Associates, P.C., are aware of the risks involved in the risk of being struck in a wreck of a truck. An Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer is extremely hazardous for the those who are occupants of the vehicle or van, pickup or any other type of passenger vehicle.

A fully loaded semi can weigh up to 80 tons this is substantially more than a typical 4000-pound car. If a large truck crashes into the vehicle that is lighter there is a probable risk of severe, catastrophic or fatal injuries to the passengers who are in the passenger vehicle.

How our Dallas truck accident lawyers can help you?

The attorneys who are results-driven at Tate Law Offices, P.C. We are committed to helping victims of accidents and making the roads in Dallas and across the nation more secure. This passion is the driving force behind everything we do on behalf of you. We are here to:

  • Make sure you are aware of the various aspects of your situation
  • Examine thoroughly the root of your crash.
  • Find all sources of compensation
  • Get advice from experts, such as the experts in accident reconstruction
  • Assist you in managing the organization of important papers
  • Gather and save evidence to support your case
  • Engage with the other party on your behalf.
  • Engage in a vigorous negotiation for a complete settlement from your insurance
  • You can argue to protect your interests in the court, in the event that you are unable to reach a settlement

For more information more about the ways that our personal injury lawyers can assist you, call us now. We offer a no-cost consultation with no obligation to discuss your rights as a lawyer and the options available.

What are some common causes of Dallas truck accident?

Commercial trucks can weight upwards of 80 tons. If they’re not operated in a safe way they could cause devastating effects. All too often, the carelessness that truck drivers commit and the trucking companies forever alters the lives for innocent people.

Some of the most frequently reported reasons for accident involving trucks in Texas are:

  • Negligent hiring or supervision
  • Inadequate education
  • Speeding
  • Distractions
  • Exhaustion or fatigue of the driver
  • Inadequate maintenance or insufficient inspections
  • Do not follow too closely
  • Not turning correctly, or in a safe manner
  • Alcohol or drug impairment
  • Do not follow traffic regulations
  • Cargo that is improperly loaded

Who is liable for Dallas truck accident?

A variety of people whose negligence led to the collision that involved commercial vehicles may have legal responsibility for the collision. Based on the circumstances that led to your particular case, one or more of the following individuals could be accountable for the dallas truck accident:

Based on our experiences, there are a variety of causes of collisions that can happen between commercial trucks of large size and passenger cars in Dallas. The most frequent reasons for dallas truck accident are:

  • Truckers who drive reckless, distracted or drunken driving
  • Truckers who are in violation of traffic laws or commercial safety rules
  • Trucking companies that employ ineligible or unlicensed drivers
  • Trucking companies that do not properly supervise or train drivers
  • Service shops or trucking firms that do not properly repair or maintain their trucks
  • Cargo companies that fail to alert consumers about hazardous materials
  • Companies that load their cargo in a risky or dangerous way
  • Manufacturers of truck parts sell parts that are defective

What makes Dallas truck accident claims more complicated?

It’s hard to overstate the importance of lawyers following an accident with a truck. The industry of trucking is highly controlled and involves many different stakeholders and therefore, dallas truck accident cases tend to be complicated. Here are a few of the more complex aspects to handle an accident claim for a truck:

Multiple parties are involved

The trucking business is comprised of numerous moving components. In the event of an accident, more than one party is liable for damage that results. There could be a variety of parties that have been responsible for the dallas truck accident that include:

  • The trucking company who hired the driver
  • Driver of the truck
  • The owner of the truck
  • A business that produces any transporter
  • A loading company that loaded cargo in the truck
  • The truck manufacturer that designed the truck
  • Manufacturers of auto parts that made the components that were used in the truck

Handling one group is usually hard enough. The task of dealing with multiple parties simultaneously can be a challenge and difficult to navigate.

Aggressive defenses will be mounted

Do not expect any or the insurers that protect the involved parties to give you a speedy and fair settlement. Each of these parties as well as their insurance companies have a stake in delaying their responsibility to limit the financial burden that comes with the event of a dallas truck accident

The trucking firms to immediately send agents from their insurance companies and aggressive lawyers at the site of the dallas truck accident to present various arguments on the grounds that they shouldn’t be required to compensate you for the amount they consider reasonable.

Complex regulations may be involved

If you feel that you have some responsibility for the incident It is essential to never admit that. Commercial trucks are a complex machine that are subject to more complicated regulations at both the federal and state level. 

Commercial trucking businesses and their drivers have to follow these rules that cover everything from the number of hours the trucker is allowed to drive throughout the day to what kinds of materials are needed to protect cargo. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is in charge of establishing the rules for interstate motorists. These rules are extensive and cover subjects such as:

  • Driver qualifications
  • Operations of trucks
  • Maintenance requirements for vehicles
  • Requirements for insurance coverage
  • Inspections
  • Accident investigations
  • Repairs to vehicles
  • Weight distribution
  • Prohibition on alcohol and drugs

Furthermore, Title 7 of the Texas Transportation Code regulates the trucking industry throughout the entire state of Texas.

It is often necessary to conduct an extensive investigation to identify the causes that led to the incident. An experienced lawyer can look into the incident and demand to produce evidence in order to identify the causes that led to the incident.

How to prove liability in a Dallas truck accident?

How To Prove Liability In A Dallas Truck Accident
Source: slackdavis

The process of proving that the trucking company, or any other defendants are responsible for the crash isn’t an simple task. The process of proving liability in a case of a truck collision typically boils from two primary elements:


An investigation could help uncover the factors that led to an dallas truck accident. But, the trucking company’s internal investigation is not likely to provide positive results to support your claim. In the end, their insurance company is focused on reducing the amount of your claim. Although certain dallas truck accident are examined by federal or state authorities, the goal for these investigation is typically to determine if a traffic violation occurred, and not to indemnify you for the loss.

In these circumstances, it is crucial to have someone by your side who investigates the incident to ensure your rights are protected. Evidence could also be taken off the site or disappear. A skilled attorney can do the right thing to protect evidence, but only if you take action promptly.


The companies that operate trucks often have huge amounts of information that can aid in determining the causes that led to the dallas truck accident. Your lawyer can make steps to get the evidence. This could include:

  • Maintenance and inspection records
  • Employee personnel information
  • Records of complaints or violations
  • The black box contains information from the truck
  • Logbook of the trucker
  • Police accident reports
  • Internal accident reports
  • The results of alcohol and drug tests

In addition your personal injury lawyer will be able to speak to witnesses who witnessed the circumstances leading for the incident. In some instances they might also employ expert witnesses to describe how the incident occurred or explain the damage you’ve suffered.

Physical evidence such as the marks of skids, debris on the road or the damage to vehicles could further reveal the root of the incident. There may be photos or even videos from the crash which can help create a picture of how the incident took place and the extent of it. 

Your lawyer may also investigate for any traffic cameras in the area as well as surveillance cameras which could have caught the incident.
An experienced lawyer for dallas truck accident knows the evidence you should look for and how you can best utilize it to your advantage.

Time limit for filling an 18-wheeler accident claim

Every State within the U.S. has laws detailing the length of time that victims are required to file certain kinds of lawsuits. These rules are referred to as statutes or limitations. In Texas the time limit to file personal injury suits is two years. 

In other words, the event that you’re injured in an Dallas 18-wheeler collision and you are unable to come to a fair settlement, you will have 2 years after the time of the accident to bring a personal injury lawsuit before the court. In certain situations the time frame can be shorter than two years, so it is recommended to consult an attorney as soon as you can to know the deadlines that must be met.

Two years can seem like a lot at first. However, think about how long it’ll take to heal of your injury, create solid arguments and complete one or more rounds of settlement talks. Be aware that you’ll be required to act fast to ensure that the evidence you need is available and feasible and you are able to access the most legal options feasible.

A experienced truck accident lawyer at our office will start work on your case as soon as possible. Contact us today to begin with a no-cost case review.

Select an Dallas truck accident lawyer with experiential trial

Find out about the trial experience of the lawyer. Did they take any similar trials? If yes what was the result for these instances? Some lawyers with less experience avoid taking the case to trial.

Although many cases are settled without a trial however, there’s an opportunity that your case will be the one that will go to trial. It is not advisable to choose an attorney who doesn’t have the experience, skills or financial resources to take on an investigation, so look for an truck accident lawyer with experience negotiations in court, arguing aside court cases and winning cases in trial.

Determining liability in a Texas Dallas truck accident

Companies that transport goods may be accountable for the actions of their employees, however they could be directly accountable. So, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the trucking company for their own conduct and those of their employee that contributed to the accident.

For instance an employer in the trucking industry could recruit a driver but not conduct the required background checks or providing any training. The trucking company might have hired an unqualified driver to operate a particular vehicle or made the driver be working well over the limits of legal driving. These are only one of many examples that you can be able to sue the trucking firm directly.

Texas can be described as a modified comparative liability state that has the bar set at 51% to determine liability in an dallas truck accident. This means that, as you’re at no time more than 50 percent responsible when you are involved in an incident, you could still be able to recover a part of the damages.

The insurer of the defendant will do all they can to prove you’re at minimum 51% responsible which could be a way to ensure they don’t need to pay the same amount. In the event of a car accident that causes serious damages, it can cost the trucking company millions of dollars.

What factors impact your potential settlement amount?

Alongside liability arguments Other factors can affect the settlement you could receive in an accident involving a truck. Several examples include:

  • The severity and type of your injuries
  • What was the treatment you received?
  • Time that you were away working
  • The overall outlook for you

If you require any future medical or surgical treatment or surgery, are unable to return to work, or suffer serious injuries that will require treatment, these elements should be taken into consideration. To maximize your settlement amount, you must find an skilled truck accident lawyer who isn’t unwilling to bargain with big trucking firms.


What do truck accident lawyers do?

A lawyer who handles truck accidents will identify the party responsible or parties, gather evidence, talk to eyewitnesses and bargain with the insurance company and bring cases to court, if required, on your behalf.

Should i get a lawyer for a car accident that was my fault Texas?

Employing an attorney following any kind of car accident is a wise idea regardless of who is responsible. It is sometimes difficult to prove the fault of some accident cases where both parties are partly to blame. However, an attorney can aid in the process of settling complicated claims in car accidents for the parties who is on the other side at the tables.

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