Fix Crunchyroll Not Working On Chrome – Best Steps In 2023

Crunchyroll Not Working On Chrome

Crunchyroll is a renowned platform that offers the world’s biggest assortment of Anime, Manga, Shows, Games & News. You have two options to get access to the website: You can either stream anime directly from Crunchyroll’s official website Crunchyroll or you can working Google Chrome to stream it. But, if you use the former, you may encounter issues such as Crunchyroll not functioning or not loading properly in Chrome. Read on to fix this issue and get back streaming!

What is the reason Crunchyroll not working with Chrome?

There are several reasons Crunchyroll not working on Chrome. One possible reason is that it is in conflict with an extension or software installed in the browser. Another reason is it is because the Chrome settings aren’t set properly to allow Crunchyroll to function. It is also possible that there’s an issue regarding the Crunchyroll website the website itself.

If you’re having issues finding Crunchyroll player to work with Chrome The first step you should do is remove the other plugins or programs that could interfere with it. Whether this does not work, you should go through the settings of your browser to ensure you’ve got everything set properly. If you’re still having trouble getting working, it could be a problem in the Crunchyroll website itself , and you need to seek out their customer support assistance.

Preliminary check: Try alternate web browsers

It is recommended not to ignore this test because it is crucial to identify if it’s an issue with your browser or not.

  • Switch to a different web browser and see if you get similar errors.
  • If you are able to access the Crunchyroll website with different browsers this error is certainly related to the browser. It is necessary to follow the steps described herein.

Method 1: Clear chrome cache & cookies

Clear chrome cache & cookies
Source: wisc

Problems with loading can be easily resolved by clearing cookies and cache within your browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Edge.

1. Google Chrome launches Google Chrome web browser.

2. Enter the chrome://settings within the URL bar.

3. Click on Security and privacy on the right pane. After that select to clear browsing information that is in red.

4. Select the timing range for the task you want to complete from the available choices:

  • The last hour
  • In the last 24 hours
  • The last 7 days
  • The last 4 weeks
  • Every day

5. Finally, click Clear the data.

Method 2: Disable ad-blockers (If applicable)

Disable ad-blockers
Source: online-convert

If you don’t have an account with a Premium Crunchyroll account, you’ll often be annoyed by advertisements pop-ups that appear during the shows. So, many users utilize third-party ad blocker extensions to prevent these advertisements. If your ad blocker is the cause of Crunchyroll player not working with Chrome issue, you can disable it according to the following instructions:

1. Google Chrome launches Google Chrome web browser.

2. Then, click at then the 3 dots icon located in the top-right corner.

3. Click on the More Tools option that is shown below.

4. Click on extensions as depicted.

5. After that, disable the extension to block ads you’re employing by switching it Off.

6. Make sure to refresh your browser to see whether the issue has been resolved right now. If not, you can try the next solution.

Method 3: Update chrome browser

Update chrome browser
Source: intowindows

If you are using an old browser, the new and improved features of Crunchyroll player won’t be available. To correct bugs and errors that your browser is experiencing, upgrade it to the latest version. The procedure is in the following order:

1. Start Google Chrome and open the new tab.

2. Hit the three-dotted icon to open the the Settings menu.

3. After that, go to the Help menu and then More About Google Chrome as illustrated below.

4. Let Google Chrome to search for updates. The screen will show the Checking for Updates message, which is it is shown.

5. In the event that updates are made available click the Update button.

6. Then, open the latest version of the browser and test it.

Method 4: Find & remove harmful programs

Find & remove harmful programs
Source: otechworld

A few incompatible programs on your device could create Crunchyroll player not to work with Chrome issue. This can be resolved when you eliminate the programs completely from your device.

1. Start Google Chrome and click on the three-dotted icon.

2. Click on Settings Then, click on Settings like the picture below.

3. In this case, click on Advanced tab in in the pane to the left, and choose the Reset and Clean up option.

4. Click Clean your computer to show in the highlighted.

5. After that, click then the Search button to let Chrome search for dangerous software on your PC.

6. Then wait till the entire process complete and remove harmful software detected in Google Chrome.

7. Reboot your computer and see whether the issue has been resolved.

Method 5: Reset chrome

Reset chrome
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Resetting Chrome will return the browser with its settings, and may be able to fix any issues , such as Crunchyroll player being unable to load on Chrome issue.

1. Start Google Chrome > Settings > Advanced > Reset and Clean Up following the instructions in the previous procedure.

2. Choose to select Restore settings back to their defaults option instead.

3. Then you must confirm the prompt by clicking the the Reset Settings button.

4. Launch Chrome and then visit Crunchyroll website to start streaming.

Method 6: Switch to another browser

If you haven’t found any solution for Crunchyroll player not working with Chrome regardless of trying every method mentioned above, it’s best to change your web software to Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge or another one to experience uninterrupted streaming. Enjoy!

What’s the cause of Crunchyroll player to not work with Microsoft or firefox?

If you are looking for the world of anime Crunchyroll is the ideal site to watch your favorites. But what happens is the best option if Crunchyroll isn’t working on your internet browser?

There are several possible causes for the problem:

1. The first step is to check that your browser is up-to current. If not, you should upgrade and attempt again.

2. Another possibility is that you have an issue with one of the extensions that you have set up on the browser. Try disabling all your extensions, then enabling them one at a time one, to determine if it solves the problem.

3. If none of these solutions is working, it’s possible that Crunchyroll player itself isn’t working or experiencing issues. Go to their status page and check for any reports of issues.


There are a few options you can try to and resolve Crunchyroll player when it’s not functioning on Chrome. The first step is clearing your cookies and cache, by restarting your Chrome. If that fails then try an alternative browser. If all else fails, contact Crunchyroll customer support to get assistance.


Does Crunchyroll work on Chrome?

Media Players. Use the Google Cast extension to send Crunchyroll content directly from your Chromecast device using our iOS or Android applications.

Why is my Crunchyroll not working?

Check your network connection. This is usually your WiFi. If problems persist, lower quality settings can be used. Your device needs a stable connection.

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