CPI Button On Mouse And It’s Uses In 2023

CPI Button On Mouse

The (cost-per-inch) CPI button on mouse is a handy way to measure the relative size of objects on your screen. By default, most mice have the button disabled, but you can enable it in your mouse settings. Once enabled, just click and hold the CPI button down as you move your mouse across the screen. The higher the number that pops up next to the cursor, the bigger the object is.

What is CPI mouse?

CPI, or Counts Per Inch, is a measure of mouse sensitivity. Most often, this is the measure by which mouse sensitivity goes to count. CPI is determined by how many counts a mouse can register per inch it moves.

The higher the CPI rating, the more sensitive the mouse is to movement. This is particularly important for gaming mice, as gamers need to be able to react quickly and accurately to onscreen action. While there are other factors that go into choosing a gaming mouse – such as buttons, weight and design – CPI is an important consideration for those looking for the most responsive experience.

What is CPI on a wireless mouse?

CPI, is a measurement that is used to determine the accuracy and speed of a mouse. It is measured by how many times the cursor on the screen moves per inch that the mouse moves. This setting can be found on almost all types of mice, whether it is wired or wireless.

When looking for a new mouse, it is important to find one with a high CPI rating so that your movements will be more accurate and you will be able to move the cursor around more quickly.

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Test the CPI level on mouse

Most gaming mice have a high CPI, anywhere from 3,000 to 12,000. But how do you know what your current CPI is? There is no application or settings in Windows that allows you to see the exact CPI button mouse. However, we can test for the CPI button using some simple methods. 

To test the CPI level on your mouse:

  • Open up Notepad or any other text editor.
  • Hold down the left button on your mouse and move it around on the text editor window.
  • As you move your mouse around, take note of how many times the cursor changes position on the screen. This is your current CPI level.

CPI adjustment in mice?

CPI adjustment is a feature that is meant for gamers. It allows you to change the sensitivity of your mouse so you can experience the game more. The way it works is by detecting how far your mouse moves on the screen and translating that into a certain number of pixels.

This number is what is called the CPI or “counts per inch.” You can change this number to make your cursor move faster or slower on the screen, depending on what you need for the game you are playing.

Uses the CPI button on mouse?

When it comes to gaming, the CPI button is an important feature to know about. This setting determines how many dots per inch (DPI) your cursor will move on the screen for each inch you move your mouse. Many professional gamers recommend changing this number to find what’s best for your playing style. If you’re just starting out, it might be a good idea to keep it at its default setting and change it later on if needed.

Changing the CPI button can be pretty challenging once you start playing, so make sure you know the ideal number for your playing style before making any changes. You may also want to test out a few different numbers to see what works best for you. Keep in mind that a higher DPI means your cursor will move faster across the screen, while a lower DPI will result in slower cursor movement.

Is high CPI better?

When playing games, many people are looking for the best way to improve their performance. Some believe that a higher cpi button is the answer. CPI, or counts per inch, is a measure of how many times the mouse pointer moves on the screen for every inch the mouse moves. Most gaming mice have a higher CPI than traditional mice. 

Some people feel that a high CPI improves accuracy and speed when playing fast-paced games or battling enemies. Others believe that it just makes it more difficult to move the mouse around the screen and can actually lead to decreased accuracy. There is no definitive answer as to whether or not a higher CPI is better for gamers. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Some people do well with a high CPI and others do not.

Is CPI the same as DPI?

CPI and DPI are not the same. CPI stands for “counts per inch” and is used to determine how sensitive your mouse or other devices are to move. DPI stands for “dots per inch” and is used to measure the resolution of an image.

How we can reset CPI button on mouse?

We can reset mouse CPI button by following these methods:

Resetting using the mouse configuration software

There are a few mouse configuration software options on the market that are compatible with certain branded mice. For example, Logitech G Hub is a software that is specifically designed to work with Logitech gaming mice. It offers a variety of features, such as the ability to customize buttons, adjust DPI settings, and create profiles for different games or applications.

Razer Synapse is another popular mouse configuration software that is compatible with Razer gaming mice. It provides similar customization options, as well as the ability to save profiles to the cloud so they can be accessed from any computer. While both of these software options are tailored specifically for certain brands of mice, they do offer some common features that can be used to reset or customize a mouse’s settings.

Resetting using the CPI button mouse

When you are in the middle of a game and your cursor is not performing as you want it to, there is a quick and easy way to reset the CPI button mouse’s cursor speed. There is a cpi button the top of the mouse near the scroll wheel in several gaming mouses. This button can be pressed to reset the cursor speed back to its default setting.

What is DPI?

What Is DPI
Source: newegg

DPI, or dots per inch, is a measure of how many physical points are on a display within one inch. It is not representative of the accuracy of the mouse sensor. DPI is set by the manufacturer and is usually adjustable on most mice. The higher the DPI setting, the farther the cursor will move for every inch you move your mouse.

Information about CPI and DPI

CPI (Common Point Input) and DPI (Dots Per Inch) mouse are two different types of mouse technology. DPI mouse measures how many pixels the cursor moves on the screen for each inch the mouse moves. Many gamers prefer DPI mice because they offer more precision when moving the cursor.


CPI stands for “counts per inch,” and DPI stands for “dots per inch.” They are both measures of how sensitive your mouse is. The CPI button on mouse determines how many times the mouse cursor moves on-screen for every inch you move the mouse. The DPI button determines how small or large each individual dot the cursor displays is.

Most people don’t need to change these settings, but if you’re finding that your mouse isn’t responding the way you want it to, you can try adjusting these buttons. Changing the CPI will make the cursor move faster or slower on-screen, while changing the DPI will make the cursor display larger or smaller.


What is the CPI button on a mouse used for?

When you move your mouse , the CPI Button changes your mouse’s Count per Inch (CPI).

How do you use CPI on wireless mouse?

The CPI button (counts per inc) is located just above the scroll wheel. It’s a triangle-shaped button. It changes the mouse’s sensitivity (or CPI) by pressing it. You can toggle between two pre-set CPI settings by pressing the CPI.

What does CPI stand for?

The Consumer Price Index (or CPI) is a method of tracking and measuring changes in consumer prices over time.

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