How To Connect Air Pods To Dell Laptop? Best Ways In 2023

How To Connect Air Pods To Dell Laptop

There’s no better way to relax working at your laptop than listening to stunning music with your AirPods. Perhaps you’d like for your AirPods with your laptop to play a movie. Whatever you plan to do it is essential to be aware of the correct actions to follow so that you don’t become confused. Do you wish to hook up to Connect Air Pods to Dell laptop, and aren’t sure how to go about it? 

For your convenience, this article provides a thorough and simple guideline for connecting your AirPods to Dell laptops. After following these steps, you are able the option to restore your AirPods If they’re continuously malfunctioning, affecting the connection.

Is it possible to connect air pods to dell laptop?

Yes, it is possible to Connect Air Pods to Dell laptop, but only with one restriction. However, this doesn’t mean that connecting AirPods can be done. Your laptop must support Bluetooth. But, it’s evident that not all Dell laptop is equipped with Bluetooth technology.

However, you can accomplish this using another additional Bluetooth device. Before pairing the Dell Laptops or AirPod to one another ensure that Bluetooth is turned on for the laptop.

Connect air pods to dell laptop

Connect Air Pods To Dell laptop
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Don’t worry, we’ll help you with the steps of pairing AirPods with Dell laptops. First, make sure that your AirPods are charged. Follow these easy steps:

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Step 1. Start the start menu and type in settings. Select the application once it is displayed, or press one of the short keys from your keypad Windows + I.

Step 2. Select the device from the menu of settings.

Step 3. If you are able to see the “Bluetooth and Other equipment” option, it means that your laptop has built-in Bluetooth function. In other words, your laptop may not have Bluetooth and could utilize Bluetooth USB dongles. Select the toggle button for Bluetooth off in case it’s not turned to ON.

Step 4. Click Add “Bluetooth and Others devices”.

Step 5. Add Bluetooth as well as other gadgets will be displayed. Select Bluetooth.

Step 6. Grab you AirPods or AirPods Pro and hold down the circular button for about minutes. When you press the circular button, the light that charges the AirPods will begin to blink in white.

Step 7. Check the laptop and click “In Add the device menu” Choose your device and click connect. You’ll receive a message, “Your device is ready to go!”

Connect air pods to dell laptop windows 7

To begin, let me clarify that yes , you can Connect Air Pods to Dell laptop, even if you are running Windows 7 OS. Let’s now look at how you can accomplish that

  • Press the button first on the AirPods case to enable the pairing mode.
  • Go on to your control panel.
  • Now go to Hardware and Sounds.
  • Select Printers and Devices.
  • Click on Add a Device.
  • Choose your AirPods from the list of devices available and then you’re done.

Connect air pods to dell laptop via bluetooth

The first thing you’ll be looking to do is to make sure the AirPods are fully charged to a certain degree but they must have a full charge.

The next step is to make sure that your laptop/PC is equipped with Bluetooth. If not then you won’t be connected AirPods with your gadget. It is the most common but not the only way for Connect Air Pods to laptop. It is then possible by following the steps below:

1. Setup the airpods by pressing the button on the inside of your airpods case

When you are sure that your AirPods have been fully charged hit on the setup button on the bottom inside the box. Press it until the light is illuminated.

The light will be visible the outside of the enclosure (on the latest model) and inside the case (on older versions). This allows AirPods to be identified via Bluetooth. AirPods to be detected through Bluetooth which allows you to join them with you Dell laptop.

2. Go through “Settings” for adding devices

Switch on your laptop and navigate there to settings. It is possible to do this by clicking the Start Menu located on the toolbar (or using the search bar to find ” Settings” in the search bar of Windows).

After the settings menu comes up, select ” Bluetooth & Devices” (If you’re using Bluetooth installed on the laptop) as well as ” Devices” (This will be displayed in the event that you don’t have Bluetooth).

Click on ” Add Device“. When you click this option, the following window will be displayed and there are three options : Bluetooth as well as wireless display and all other. Click on Bluetooth.

There is the list of devices that you can pair with Find the AirPods name and then click it. There will be a message which reads ‘ Your Device Is Ready to Start on right at the very top. The device is now connected and you are now able to listen to music via your Dell laptop using your AirPods.

Connecting airpods to dell laptop

It is likely that your AirPods are able to save Bluetooth data with a specific name when you pair them. If they don’t Connect Air Pods to Dell laptop it means that you haven’t linked your AirPods with your laptop.

First Step: Open the menu on the top and enter the settings, or hit Windows + I on the keyboard.

Step 2: Select “Devices” before scrolling down the list to audio. Choose your AirPods and then click Connect button. Your AirPods will begin working immediately.

Connecting airpods with dell laptop

It is easy to remove your AirPods from your laptop. To do this you can follow these easy steps.

1. Start the start menu and type in settings or hit Windows + I on the keyboard.

Step 2. Look at the device’s title and click it within the settings.

Step 3. Go to the Audio section. Select your AirPods and then click “Remove the device”. The AirPods won’t be able to Connect Air Pods to Dell laptop.

Why isn’t my airpods connect?

There are a variety of reasons for why your AirPods may not be connecting the device. There is a possibility that they’re not properly connected. you need to lift the lid of the case, and press the button on the inside of the box for 3 minutes. The status light on the case should be white and you’ll notice an “AirPods” option show up on the gadget’s Bluetooth settings. If you do not see the “AirPods” option Make sure you have AirPods are fully charged and that both earbuds are inside the case.

The other possibility could be that the Airpods have not up-to-date with the latest driver version. For checking for updates Open the Settings app on your Dell Laptop, tap “General,” then “About,” and then “AirPods.” In the event that there is an update available you can select “Install.”

If you’re struggling to connect to your AirPods Try deinstalling the Laptop Bluetooth drivers or resetting your AirPods. For a reset of your AirPods simply press and hold the button located on the rear of the case about 15 minutes. The status light on the case will flash red, signaling that the AirPods are reset.


The easiest method is to utilize Bluetooth. Bluetooth connection. There is also alternatively the 3.5mm audio jack, or the USB port. Whatever method you decide to use be sure you are running the most recent drivers to your notebook. If not, you could encounter audio lags or other issues.


Why are my AirPods not connecting to my laptop?

Place both AirPods into the case. Make sure they are both charging. Click Bluetooth to verify Bluetooth is turned on. Make sure your AirPods have been connected

How do I get my computer to recognize my AirPods?

To connect AirPods with a computer, place your AirPods into the case. Hold the button at the back of the device until the status light turns white. The Add a Device window of your PC’s Bluetooth settings should now show your AirPods. Click to pair or connect.

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