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Bus Accident Lawyer

There are numerous bus operators which operate bus lines throughout the United States including Greyhound Bus, BoltBus, Vamoose, MegaBus, LuxBus and many more. There are also local, state and city bus companies that allow millions and millions of passengers to travel to their preferred destinations. In 2019 , the Bureau of Transportation reported that 65,000 bus crashes took place all over all of the United States. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said that the same year there were 18,384 Bus Accident Lawyer involving buses that caused injury cases, including 312 deaths.

In November of this year The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced it had published a proposal rule that would reduce the cost of regulatory compliance by $74 million annually by removing an information gathering burden for commercial buses , according to U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao,

“This proposal is a commonsense way to reduce unnecessary burdensome regulatory costs while ensuring the highest level of safety on our roads,” It is still to be seen how this reduction in cost could negatively affect bus passenger security or cause the death of more bus crash victims!

Common bus accidents causes

The majority of common car accidents are the result of inattention either by the operator or by the company who manages the bus. Common causes of accidents on buses are:

  • Exhaustion in the direction of bus drivers: Drivers tend to be drivers for long distances with no rest. This can be extremely exhausting to the person driving, particularly at night when the driver is exhausted. A striking similarity between driving fatigued and when drunk. In both cases the driver’s ability to respond and remain focused is impaired. The driver could easily overlook a risky signal, such as shifts in traffic signals, and then crash into pedestrians, buildings, or any other motor vehicles.
  • Driving when distracted: Being distracted could be a problem for anyone, including professional drivers. NHTSA statistics on Bus Accident Lawyers show that if you turn your eyes away from the road for five seconds while you are driving 55 mph, it is exactly the same as driving through an open field of football blindfolded. It doesn’t matter what route you’re driving. When you turn your attention away from the road for two seconds you are in danger of being involved in a fatal crash.
  • Error from the driver: The driver could be untrained or inexperienced, thus causing errors. The error could be simple as driving in the walking lane to take passengers to the station or something more risky.
  • Driving or speeding recklessly: drivers operate on a timetable that can be easily affected by road-related issues like traffic or issues with passengers. In attempting to compensate the time lost, the bus driver who was negligent may take the bus more recklessly and recklessly dangering the lives of passengers on the bus, other motorists, and the passengers on other vehicles that are on the road.
  • Driving when drunk: When the driver drives when they are intoxicated by alcohol, or any other substances it negatively impacts their reaction speed and their sound judgment, coordination, as well as reasoning. In order for the bus driver to remain in control of the bus all of these physical and mental alertness are essential. It is the responsibility of drivers in the California Bus Accident Lawyer as well as negligence bus accident law to protect the safety of their passengers and all other persons who are on the road. Inability to fulfill this obligation when driving under intoxication from alcohol or other drugs renders the driver responsible in the event of bus injury lawyer that might result from a typical Bus Accident.
  • Mechanical failure on the portion of the bus: it is the responsibility of the commercial bus operator to make sure that the bus remains in good working order. This is made possible by routine maintenance and checks on the bus. There are some issues with the bus like damaged tires, a bad brake system, issues related to the engines, among more are easily identified and corrected by regular maintenance. Sometimes the issue with the bus may be an issue with the manufacturing process by company that manufactures the bus. Thus, these defects have to be blamed at the company that manufactures buses.

School bus accidents, school bus injuries

Making sure our children are safe on their way to or from school the most important thing and is a concern for everyone. According to to the the School Bus Fleet, an “estimated 471,461 yellow school buses offer transportation services every day throughout the United States. 

More than 25 million primary and secondary school students take school buses between school and home every day. This is in stark contrast to the projections made by the U.S. Department of Education of enrollments for K-12 in the fall of 2018, which was 57.2 million students in public schools and 6.7 million students from private schools.”

School bus Fleet further mentions the sad statistics based on the National Safety Council (NSC) tables of information obtained from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that crashes involving buses resulted in the deaths of 117 individuals across the nation in the year 2018.

The report above states that “A school bus-related accident has been described as defined by NHTSA as any accident in which the vehicle, regardless of its body design, is used to serve to transport school children, is at risk, either indirectly or directly. This includes instances that involve schoolchildren getting into or out of a vehicle” Other statistics indicate that “From 2009 to the year 2018 approximately 70% of deaths caused by school bus accidents were caused by drivers other that the bus and 17% of them were walking. Around 5% of the victims were passengers on school buses, and 4 percent of them were bus operators from schools.”

Bus accident injuries

In the event of an accident that a bus causes, it could result in minor bruises or bumps or even an more serious injury , such as fractured bones. Other injuries may be, but aren’t restricted to,

  • minor scrapes
  • whiplash,
  • spinal cord injury,
  • brain injuries
  • and paralysis.

While some injuries appear small at first glance however, it is crucial that victims of Bus Accident Lawyer to go to the hospital in order to ensure that there are no injuries that is likely to be life-threatening.

Municipal bus accidents in california

Municipal Bus Accidents In California
Source: pressdemocrat

Accidents involving public municipal busses or any other form of public transportation are a complex matter. This is due to different bus accident law in place for claims against government agencies. The laws put a limit upon the sum of money you are able to receive.

But, a knowledgeable Bus injury Lawyer at Big Ben Law firm can assist you in understanding these complicated law and examine your standard Bus injury Lawyer case. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t in an option. We will then give you all the choices you have.

We are also able to assist in determining your the extent of your liability and in establishing it while investigating all avenues to recovering your damages. If you are suing the authority of the government You are required to provide six months’ written notice of the injury. Due to the short period of time it is best to act swiftly.

When you make the decision to engage us, we’ll figure out if the claim you are making has been made against an official government entity and then ensure that we are compliant with all legal timelines and regulations within the stipulated time.

Why big ben is your best bus accident law firm in california?

When you are deciding on which bus crash attorney for common carriers you select as your representative in the common carrier case, you should consider an attorney who not just understands and is aware of the complicated nature of claims involving Bus Accident Lawyer but also has the ability and is prepared to appear in court to argue on your behalf in court so that they can get you the money you are entitled to. Contrary to many bus accident law firms that specialize in personal injury, we have the expertise and know-how to handle every accident case.

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