Best Law Schools In Spain 2022

Best Law Schools In Spain

Best law schools in spain, A lot of students view Spanish institutions as the best location to pursue for a law degree. It’s in fact a popular choice for international students for many degrees This is due to its top-quality higher education system as well as top-quality universities. 

Through the years, many international students have earned their law degrees at Spain’s universities and have an outstanding career and obtaining top academic qualifications.

1. IE Law School

Average tuition 31700 euros/year

IE Law School is one of the best law schools in spain and top universities for law in Spain that is renowned for its enduring experience and effectiveness, well-trained and equipped to enable lawyers to become the best in their fields. An elite faculty that helps students make the right preparations for a successful career by gaining a new perspective on the world , and discovering how to conquer the challenges of the future. 

IE is known for best law schools in spain providing an innovative, multidisciplinary legal education that is global-oriented and world-class. This school the values of a culture of innovation and technological immersion, in order to fully prepare students for the complex digital society.

Location: Madrid, llm spain

2. University Of Navarra

Average tuition 31,000 euros/year

The university offers students an ongoing system of support that allows them to ensure they receive the highest quality training in their chosen area of study, such as law. In order to encourage growth and innovation in the field, the University of Navarra constantly strives to enhance the education of students by providing a variety of learning, which includes the acquisition of professional as well as personal knowledge and skills. 

The main feature for its Faculty of Law includes teaching that is distinguished by quality and excellence in research. It is one of the factors that rank this institution among the top in the area of law.

Location: Pamplona, Navarra, llm spain

3. ESADE – Law School

Average tuition of 28,200 EUR/year

It is regarded as a global institution that is structured as an Business School, Law School and an Executive Education area, Esade is well-known for its excellence of education, its international outlook and its focus on the subjects that matter. 

Esade Law School Esade Law School is divided into three distinct parts that have two campuses in Barcelona while the third is situated in Madrid. Being a very accessible educational institution it gives students the capability to communicate effectively and to be excellent contributors to the field of law. Innovation and social commitment to improving society are the main characteristics of this school.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

4. University Of Barcelona

Average tuition 19,000 EUR/year

It is the Faculty of Law at the University of Barcelona is known as one of the most storied faculties within Catalonia. Being one of the oldest institutions of this university and has been providing numerous programs throughout its history which has resulted in one of the most renowned experts in the area of law. 

The faculty currently offers undergraduate degree programs that cover Law as well as Political Science Criminology Public Management and Administration as well as the field of Labor Relations. There are numerous master’s degrees as well as the PhD programme, as well as several postgraduate programs. Students are educated to the highest standard through an amalgamation of both modern and traditional instruction.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

5. Pompeu Fabra University

Average tuition 16,000 euros/year

Pompeu Fabra University, a public university located in the City of Barcelona in llm spain, where research and teaching are recognized internationally. Every year, the university hosts around 1,500 foreign students who attend this university with the aim of receiving an excellent education. 

This university is brimming with the capabilities, expertise and resources to give ambitious students everything they need particularly in the field of law. With top services for students, comfortable study environments, and individualized guidance and job opportunities This institution has managed to make itself extremely attractive to students.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

6. Higher Institute Of Law And Economics (ISDE)

Per year, the average cost of tuition for students is 9,900 euros/year

ISDE is a world-renowned and best law schools in spain that is designed to the present and is well-versed in its methods of studying and methods. Students are able to acquire abilities and expertise from the top experts from both international and national organizations. 

The most important thing for this institution of learning is that students receive a genuine education in a real-world setting in order to be the best version of themselves personally and professionally. Since its beginning, ISDE has been integrating students into the most prestigious law firms around the globe as part of their actual practice method.

Location: Madrid, Spain

7. University Carlos III De Madrid (UC3M)

The average tuition is 8,000 euros per year

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid provides high-quality education that meets the stringent standards that are set by the global labour market. The university’s ambitions are mostly tied to being one of the top European universities. Furthermore, its degree programs are already ranked among the best in both international and national rankings. 

UC3M is determined to educate students to be the best they can and inspire them to realize their full potential. In its guiding principles it lists merit efficiency, capacity as well as equity and equality in addition to other. Students are welcome to a community that respects students as individuals with the potential and ambition.

Location: Getafe, Madrid, Spain

8. University Of Zaragoza

The average tuition is 3,000 euros/year

In the list of highly regarded institutions within llm spain, University of Zaragoza has been a leader in education since it was established around 1542. Its faculty of Law at the university is taught with an amalgamation of the theoretical and the practical side, to prepare students for the job market in the present and future. 

The university’s ranking on the international scene has grown over time and the school is always committed to internationalization. University of Zaragoza welcomes nearly 1,000 students from other countries on its campus each year and creates an international atmosphere that allows students to flourish.

9. University Of Alicante

Location: San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante).

Average Cost of Tuition: 9,000 EUR per year.

University of Alicante is also called UA and was established in 1979 as a result on the Center for University Studies (CEU). The main campus of the university is located at San Vicente del Rapospeig/Sant Vicent del Raspeig. It is located near with the town of Alicante to the north.

The Faculty of Law provides compulsory courses that includes Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Procedural Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Labour and Social Security Law, Financial and Tax Law, Public International Law and International Relations, Private International Law, European Union Law and the final project

10. Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Average tuition fee: 26,000 EUR per year.

Comillas Pontifical University (Spanish: Universidad Pontificia Comillas) is an independent Catholic academic institution and best law schools in spain under the Spanish Province of the Society of Jesus in Madrid llm spain. It was established in 1890, and participates in a variety of academic exchange programs including work practice programs and international initiatives with more than 200 academic institutions in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

11. University Of Valancia

Location: Valencia.

Average Cost of Tuition: 2,600 EUR per year.

The Valencia University Valencia is a not-for-profit private, public institution with over 53,000 students . It was founded in 1499.

In order to earn the degree of Law at the University of Valencia, the students receive a fundamental legal education. It comprises two components: the basic knowledge of laws; and the methodology tools required to understand and apply the law. The principal goal of the degree is to prepare professionals who can protect rights of citizens in society, based on the existing legal system.

12. University Of Seville

Location: Seville, Spain.

Average tuition fee: 3,000 EUR per year.

The University of Seville is a public university that was established in 1551. It is among the top educational institutions in llm spain with an enrollment of 73,350.

The Faculty of Law of the University of Seville is one of the divisions of the University. classes in Law and related disciplines within the field of law and social sciences are being examined

13. University Of The Basque Country

Location: Bilbao.

Average Cost of Tuition $1,000 EUR annually.

It is a public institution of the Basque autonomous community. It is home to approximately 44,000 students. It has campuses spread across all three provinces within the autonomous community. These are; Biscay Campus (in Leioa, Bilbao), Gipuzkoa Campus (in San Sebastian and Eibar) as well as Alava Campus in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The law faculty was established in 1970. it is responsible for teaching and conducting research on Law and the current studying of Law.

14. University Of Granada

Location: Granada.

Average Cost of Tuition:2,000 EUR per year.

It is the University of Granada is another university for public students that is one of the top best law schools in spain. It is located inside the town in Granada, llm spain, and was established in 1531 by the King Charles V. It has about 80,000 students. This is fourth-largest university in llm spain.

The UGR as it is known is home to campuses in the cities in Ceuta as well as Melilla.

The Law faculty at the university teaches students how to critically examine various political and social situations and how different organizations government, businesses and companies can make different decisions to improve their performance.

15. University Of Castilla La Mancha

Location: Ciudad Real.

Average Cost of Tuition: 1,000 EUR per year.

The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) is best law schools in spain. It has courses offered in different cities that are not part of Ciudad Real, and these cities are: Albacete, Cuenca, Toledo, Almaden and Talavera de la Reina. This institution was officially recognized by law on June 30, 1982, and started operating three years later.

When you take a closer look, you might notice the schools are not just the top but also cost-effective, making them appealing for international students.

Have any grab your interest? Visit their official site that has been added to the list and find out the necessary requirements to apply and then submit your application.

Requirements For Best Law Schools In Spain

The legal requirements for law schools for law schools in llm spain are as they are:

  • The law school must be completed your undergraduate legal education
  • You should be ready to commit at least 5 years, as that’s the amount of time that a Spanish law degree can take.
  • When you graduate from the Spanish institution, you will need to go through two years of formal training before taking the national exams.
  • Achieving the state examination is required to begin practicing law following the course.


Is It Good To Study Law In Spain?

It’s true, Spain is a good location to learn about law. llm spain offers top-quality education service in nearly all areas which includes law. Their exceptional quality has led to a lot of students who want for either a degree or another with law being not being the only one left.

How Much Is It To Study Law In Spain?

The fees for tuition at universities of law across llm spain are different from the other as you have seen in the previous paragraph. Therefore, it is important to look up the school of your preference and be aware of the tuition fees they charge. The cost of tuition can be found between 2 000 EUR up to 31700 EUR.

Can I learn Law iIn English In Spain?

Yes, absolutely! A number of universities and institutes in Spain offer English-language instruction Bachelor of Laws (LL. B) degrees. llm spain has more than 75 universities. Most of them are famous for offering a complete degree in English.

How Long Is Law School In Spain?

Schools of law in llm spain last for approximately five years to complete as this is the normal amount of time that to earn a Spanish law degree is required. Then, you need to finish the two-year mandatory training prior to taking the state exam that, if you pass is your right to be a lawyer.

Law Schools In Spain

These are the most frequently requested questions about universities of law in llm spain. I’ve highlighted a few of them and have carefully offered the solutions to provide a clear picture of the application. These are:

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